Easter Thursday Blue-buster (without Blues! or Thursday...)

My only question is: will it be raining that day?


would be amazing if we can get this done

cant wait to get hyped for easter by watching essendon lose to carlton.


Can’t think of a more appropriate time for us to get crucified.


should we even bother tuning in for this game?

At least in the 3rd quarter, we’ll rise from the dead

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What happens when Easter and Anzac Day are really close? End up with 3 games in 4 days.

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Good planning very smart, play Thursday night against Carlton and Anzac Day is on the next Thursday. We’ll get an extra break over Collingwood.


Why are we helping Carlton?

That said, I like the idea of another Essendon marquee game.

We might actually win this one

Essendon taking it into their own hands to keep Carlton off Friday nights.


20 years until Easter clashes with Anzac Day.

This ■■■■■■■ club.

That was my original thought. But as pointed out by MAXX that shouldn’t be a problem. In fact, this may well be the Club thinking ahead and trying to find a way to make sure we don’t have 3 games in 10 days.

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The thing about football games is that they require two teams


That’s a good point but Carlton…really?

Big crowd, probably can’t get the Tiges

Smart move by the club for supporters.

At least when we lose, we can spend the next 3 days smashing chocolate to deal with our grief!!

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When does blockbuster theme games become a bit too much and we start to lose the messaging and intent of original games? For me it’s Anzac and Dreamtime that aligns with the club strongly. Not trying to downplay the others but I hope we don’t lose value of historic blockbuster games through over hype and marketing exhaustion. 4 blockbuster games in September would be a nice change too


Please no. I don’t want any more hyped up games to lose in.


To be honest, I reckon Anzac Day (footy) has sadly lost the aura that it once had. Other than bugle, guys in the back of 4x4s and running through the banner together, it’s just the same as any other game. One year there was some flame thing they lit, and then there wasn’t. One year there was a F18 flyover and then there wasn’t.

The countdown to the bounce with the fake crowd noise, the blaring advertisements, the ‘two tribes go to war’ song constantly at half time. I mean, really?

I don’t mind the Dreamtime pre game stuff though.

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