Easter Thursday Blue-buster (without Blues! or Thursday...)


To direct enough money to them while they’re ■■■■ so that they think breaching salary cap rules is a good idea again.


16 club supporters are gonna whinge
Pies and Lions will go into meldown.
Kochies gonna be ropeable

Lets do it!


I can tell you it happened in 1984 because one of my sons was born on Easter Sunday that year, April 22. I don’t recall him having a subsequent Easter birthday.


You’ve sold me.


I see this as a step below the Anzac Day, Dreamtime and even Country games. It is like asking for Essendon Hawthorn each round one. After all, there is no proposed theme, just a way of getting our match at the start of the Easter weekend before people have gone away.

Understandably a lot of the air has gone out of what used to be Car*ton blockbusters, remember how big *lues v Pies used to be?


There’s no credible evidence that this ever happened.


Would it not be better if Essington played Fark Carlton on Good Friday, meaning Essendon could rise again on Eater Sunday.


Classic Blitz whinging.

This is ■■■■■■ awesome. Another marquee game to rub it in to the rest of the competition!


I somehow think our average 15 year record of struggling is not really causing fear or envy to the top teams


Why is it any more of a blockbuster game? The winner still gets 4 points regardless.


Tell that to every opposition supporter that is yelling green in the face every time ANZAC day rules around.


And Carlton to crawl out from under a rock


And apparently 30 years until Easter Thursday coincides with the “traditional” Carlton/Richmond opening game of the season. So we’re good to go!


The AFL will reschedule Easter


Match result aside I probably look forward to the dream time game more than any of our blockbusters.


We should have it so hirdy floats in on a cloud with a beard and robes. And on the back of the robe “happy fkn Easter Gil”.

And shoots Easter eggs into the crowd with one of those tshirt guns.

That’d be cool.


Being our 1st game after an excruciating off season wait, … it would be better termed a Footy Blue ball-buster.


With all due respect, we are farking shithouse at marque games.


Don’t fret. I think the next decade will be the polar opposite to the last.


Yeah, but what about milestone games?

Oh, OK but what about “mini-finals”?

Umm, elimination finals?

?Qualifying for finals?

Beating Carlton?

It seems to be that we are OK in games which don’t have more significance than 4 points.