Easter Thursday Blue-buster (without Blues! or Thursday...)


Oh good, lets play carlton before I have to spend 3 ■■■■■■■ days with farkcarlton supporters.

The same farkcarlton supporters who, if they lose, will say “nah, didn’t watch the game, had to go to church”


Cant we play Carlton last round of the year.

Reading “but if we had of beat carlton…” all farken year is so annoying.


It’s being suggested we may play North on Good Friday and Collingwood play Brisbane at the Gabba on Thursday to make it fair for ANZAC Day.


Fark that. Flogs can play on Good Friday.

IDGAF who or where.

This a good idea for mine, … and a good way to capitise on what is likely the biggest rivalry in the sport.

Pre Easter Thursday nights are massive.


Yep, especially about 1,990 years ago.


Enjoy every supper like it’s your last…


Frees up my long weekend. Even better.


May as well start the Easter weekend on a losing note and then it have it completely fcked having to spend time with the inlaws later that weekend.


What is wrong with this thread? Carlton games should be some of the most anticipated every year, regardless of form or ladder position. Something you circle in your calendar and say I can’t wait for this one

The only point of contention in the lead up should be whether you’d prefer to beat them by 1 point or 100.


Either of those scenarios is acceptable.

Would be nice to get a massive %age boost right out of the gate though.


Your not going to get the coach killer game in round 2-4 though.



Wayne Schimmelbusch says hi.


Just imagine if it’s a players milestone game aswell lol


Apparently we’ll be playing North on Good Friday next year.


in Hobart?



The year after can we ditch the poor, pissant club and bring in a decent opponent. Tin rattling scum.


If so it will be a hum-dinger if a game. North hate us, we hate them, both sides play a pretty attractive, attacking style. Etihad/Marvel will be packed to the rafters and it will be on for young and old. I like this!


Lol only took them two years to realise that holiday blockbusters have nothing to do with the day itself.

Big clubs who’s supporters actually give a ■■■■ the majority of the time is what it takes.


yep this years games was a ripper.

still love to turn them over in a final, havent forgotten 2014.


Where’d you hear that?