EFC clothing discussions (2019 onwards)

Gimme all the RED!!


surely it’s time to start designing proper alternate kits and not simply inverting the colours which basically always looks rubbish?

I think it looks pretty good.
Should have had a car sponsor alot earlier.


I think the new Dreamtime guernsey is wild. It’s bad ass.

Sooky la las.


It’s ■■■■

Can someone explain the design on the front of the Dreamtime jumper? The blocks through the sash look like kids construction toys. Is it supposed to be something specific? The back part has spears which look good but I didn’t know what the front was supposed to be. Also I don’t think the colours work. The main jumper appears a dark burnt red (the effect of a black pattern over red) which would be great on its own but then the red through the sash doesn’t match. Either lighten the background or darken the sash or get rid of it all together & just have a the background pattern. Hopefully it looks better on the ground than the photos.

Not an expert, but kind of reminds me of hollow logs used in burial ceremonies

Bought a new guernsey from Bombershop on Saturday. Feels very cheaply made. Anyone else purchased a 2024 one yet?

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That’s UnderArmour for you!

PS: On Twitter/X a lot of Pies fans complaining about the quality of the Nike gear, especially the guernseys. Seems to be a consistent theme across a number of clubs.

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I purchased these for me & my boy.