EFC v Adelaide Rd 1 - 12 days on, match day thread

Any changes to the starting line up we saw today?

Gleeson out if injured, otherwise I’d say likely not

Edit: Forgot about Bags



Not sure Begley has done enough to warrant a start in rnd 1. Also Baguley in for McNiece.


Considering there was a 6 man bench definitely

Bags, Langford, Dea, Hartley, Brown & Raz (not been ruled out completely) will all be in mix

Smack, Long, McNeice & Begley are likely outs.

Ambrose did not play well either … the match up on Jenkins will be interesting one with how the match committee goes. No Tex likely.

So it’s Hurley and who? for McGovern and Jenkins

Any updates on Tex? I read 6 days ago he was confident

Hadn’t seen that. Just googled and right you are.

Says he confident should be ok. Would be underdone though! Alright so back to 3 tall defenders again we will need, hopefully Brown is good to go.

In. THE, Bags.

Out. Fridge, McNiece.

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I reckon if Brown is ok, i’d bring him in for Gleeson. I’d stick with Ambrose. I reckon Hawkins is one of the more awkward matchups for Ambrose and he’ll go better against most other key forwards.


Im suprised they’ve finally found him since the grand final.




haha that was a given

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What’s wrone with Raz?


No changes for mine.

B: Saad Ambrose Brown
HB: Gleeson Hurley Baguley
C: Zaharakis Heppell McGrath
HF: TIPPA Daniher Smith
F: Stewart Hooker Green
R: Belly Stringer Zerrett

B: Parish Goddard Myers McKenna

E: Begley Langford Hartley Smack

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Tex won’t play round 1


Still caught up in the roadworks on the Princes Hwy…

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How many players did we play today? 22? 24? 26? How many “changes” so to speak are required?

It was 24, but Long and Smack only played the last qtr, so only 22 for most of it.
I would say cross those 2 out and then work out your changes from the other 22.