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I think our website is improving a lot, but it really should be kept up to date better in some areas.

Most of the player profiles, and all of the pictures, are up to date a lot earlier than last year, but poor old Trent Mynott still hasn’t got a profile after over a year on our list.

We are still left in the dark about Jake Long’s elevation to the senior list last year and whether he is a rookie this year, although there was an article about him being elevated last year, this year’s profile states:

“Rookie who performed admirably when he returned to the senior side for the first time in nearly two years late in the 2018 season.”


Although Smack has been elevated to the senior list after being a rookie again last year.

The other thing which they are yet to update and hopefully they will when they get around to adding Rutten to our coaches profiles, is this picture:


Seriously, it was in 2017 when he retired and joined the coaching group.

Hopefully this will be fixed up soon when they get around to including Rutten, and some profiles of our coaches and their achievements (which is only available for Woosha at the moment).


I think we should update our logo the current one looks dated as ■■■■ plus it’s been tarnished with the saga

I would use the esports team logo



You do know we have zero control over the website?

That’s not exactly true.

We did sell it to the AFL.

That’s not strictly true.
AFL control all club sites as per their rules.
We were the last club to hand ours over.

Zero control maybe, but @Bomb_Doe has had some luck with requesting some up dates.

Certainly some club websites are a lot more up to date than others, and after a bit of agitating last year, this year has been a big improvement in terms of the player profiles.

Whether it is the AFL, Telstra or Essendon that controls it, it is disrespectful to the people that the site actually caters too.

It’s actually embarrassing that we can’t get a simple website up to date.

For anyone out there would you allow your e-commerce to have so many inaccuracies on it?

I doubt it.

Year on year people complain about it but never any change.


We certainly control the content. It’s been sub standard for ages. There’s really no excuse.


Big issues

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Like a game of football.


I do question how important maintaining a huge website for fans is for a football club in this day and age. I am sure they provide some relevant information such as training times which is unlikely to be found anywhere else, but almost everything else could be found elsewhere on the inter webs or through a social media platform. My bet is the club is far more focussed on the social media content than the website content given the society we now live in and that this creates more fan based active engagement.

However it must be said that I couldn’t care less about the Essendon Football Club website if the Essendon Football Club is successful on field.

Are you saying we have given the AFL the relevant information and they have chosen not to do anything about it?
If so why haven’t we protested or followed up on it?
I understand we can’t have pictures of Gil and a goat or anything else that damages the AFL but surely things like player profiles can be easily updated. I find it fairly disrespectful that we have blokes who have been at the club for some time who are not even acknowledged as playing for us. Plenty of supporters like myself and possibly you don’t frequent the site a lot but there would be plenty who do


The EFC person is Marc Bertieri who is Head of Digital at EFC.
Through Cathy_Lio I contacted him on Twitter. @marcbertieri
He’s been good to take on board suggestions and make things better.
If someone has an issue then I suggest you contact him through a Direct Message on Twitter.


The digital content overall is pretty good. Dad that Woosha’s aversion to tagging extended to podcasts though.

The website is very disappointing… Needs more training reports and videos. I would pay subscription for extra stuff like that.
Says a lot that we have to come to a forum like this, to get training reports.

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please god no. the current logo hasnt been changed for so long because its awesome. that esports logo looks like a dwarf



Do you mean player bio?


That logo looks like Optimus Prime.

What are you thinking Nino


Surely Essendon Football Club is ultimately responsible for the accuracy of the content. That is, Essendon Football club have a right to demand that errors and omissions be corrected to reflect the true state of affairs at the club. If there are errors caused by the AFL or its partner ( Telstra) , then surely the club has a right to demand the AFL correct such errors and omissions at thier cost. ?

Having said that, I presuppose that someone at the club has the job of periodically checking the content for accuracy, uniformity and completeness and referring these to the AFL. If the AFL/Telstra backcharge Essendon for implementing club originated changes/additions, then so should all clubs and all clubs need to ensure the charges are fair and reasonable.

Absolutely agree