Electric Motor Vehicles

I am test driving a number of EVs.

Have done the Lexus UX 300e and Tesla 3, and testing Polestar 2 on Tuesday.

Lexus was nice, Tesla was just a little better. Anyone else doing this and ready to comment on what they have found.


Just purchased an XC40 twin electric.


Beat me to it Sweatyman.

Very early, but initial impressions are that it is very solid, riveting acceleration, plenty of safety features as you’d expect from a Volvo. In particular I wanted an unobtrusive SUV style to enable easy access for the newish grandson.
I’ve purchased a home fast charger which with the solar panels we’ve got, I can charge during the day. So far it’s up to my expectations. Like most of these vehicles, there’s a 6-month wait.


Polestar 2 is 4 weeks. Interesting that Volvo market two companies.

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I put in an order for an EV6 as soon as prices were announced…GT-Line RWD… no idea when it’ll be available.

One think i’ve read on Whirlpool is that some Kia dealers have demanded an extra $20k because there is a customer who’ll pay that premium. Or they there is.

A big issue might be for me is that the owner of the dealership dropped off the twig a fortnight ago…age 48. So the dealership may be in a state of flux.

There are adverts going around for a home charger caller Ocular or Oculon, but they seem to be using a subscription model of so much per kwh. Zappi sounds like the go, based on my solar panels.

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Test drove Leaf, Ioniq hatch, then Mini Cooper SE. Loved the Mini, so bought it. Home solar - have run it for 5 months virtually for free. Leaf had a floaty ride which made us all carsick. Ioniq was great - very well rounded with no weaknesses. Mini is an absolute hoot to drive. No regrets. Love the EV experience.

Edit: We have the Zappi, Noonan. Highly recommend. Very versatile and easy to use. Subscription fee?! Tell 'em to get stuffed. Just get a Zappi.


I’d like to know if it really stacks up go big completely off grid by using the Nissan Lead e+ to charge your home.(has this vehicle To home technology thingy)

Store all your solar energy, then the Leaf as I understand it can power your home for 3 days.

So no fuel, no electricity bills and a 450km range.

Seems like a no brainer.(car is a bit exxy ~60k, but it sounds like you would get a lot of that back pretty quickly eliminating fuel and electricity costs)

And recharge the car when you go into the office, then charge your house when you get home!


Great thread, guys. Just started on this EV journey too, utilising solar energy. Had already decided on the zappie - thanks for confirming this idea. What did it cost to install?

On the Volvo XC40, what’s the range and approx cost? Was there a long wait, Sweatyman?

My first (non golf cart) EV test drive was the polestar 2 single motor.

Drive wise it’s about par with the Subaru Liberty. A little tepid off the line, but would be enough for 90% of people and 90% of driving situations.

My main issues were it felt like it was a cross over design/parts wise with the current ICB cars. It has the ‘hump’ running through the car, where the drive shaft and exhaust probably run. Maybe it’s for batteries?

The other issue is the ‘cockpit’. The centre console is raised up quite high, and wraps around your legs. Plenty of slick looking plastic, but not much storage.

I wouldn’t be disappointed to own one. But it didn’t excite me enough.

I will let you know after my test drive Tuesday.

I would like a Tesla S, but the price is a killer. Tesla 3 is hard to beat though.

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I confess to being somewhat influenced in my colour choice!
The price was $82k. There’s no negotiation with these. They sell all they can get. I waited 5 months from placing a $2k deposit in October.

Range is very dependent on the way you drive, use of one pedal driving, temperature etc. I’ve not driven the car enough (Covid isolation) to really know but I’m guessing around 350km to be realistic.


That would be one way to encourage people back into the office for more days a week in the living with covid era!

Free juice for when you get home!

Dad works late though and the kids are sitting in the dark until you get home :sweat_smile:

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It’ll be interesting to see how the “emerging” Chinese EV companies change the Australian market.

Judging by the number of MGs I see on the streets there won’t be much take up hesitance for a “Chinese” brand.

was talking about this the other day, a guy i know who already has a leaf, biggest issues he had with that was range, he has a older version. he ordered a BYD (Chinese).
Think they arrive in July. sounded like there was a decent amount of preorders for the BYd. 15000 preorders i think.cost was around $44k

I think they will go really well if they offer a 7 year warranty.

My concern(but it extends to other brands too) is resale.

What you save buying a Chinese car you lose in depreciation?

But otherwise I think they probably produce quality vehicles. Just look at Volvo.

They made crappy boxes until the Chinese bought them.

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Most cars, especially EVs are made in china. Tesla has factories churning out their models.

Yeah I meant Chinese owned.

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how does the charging work? what is required?