Electric Motor Vehicles


The EV hurts the planets narrative is so flimsy, it doesn’t take much mental effort to see through it for those that aren’t wilfully blind.

“EVs charge using coal.” Yeah, currently. But as renewables become the dominant form of energy in the grid they’ll be charging on green energy. In fact when charging infrastructure is installed at workplace car parking, the EVs will help balance the grid by providing a stronger daytime demand which will support more large scale solar.

Even in the short term EVs are vastly more efficient than petrol or diesel engines. The net carbon emissions for an EV are less than a ICE, even if the electricity is partly coal or gas sourced.

“EVs use raw materials and raw materials hurt the environment.” Yeah, so ICE vehicles are made of bamboo and positive thoughts? EVs use resources that don’t have a scaled up supply chain, but they don’t use much of it. Even scaled up the mining volumes are minuscule compared to iron and copper. Resource intensity will drop as manufacturers save $$$ by inventing components that use less raw material.

“Batteries can’t be recycled.” Sure. That immense amount of highly valuable raw material is just going to get thrown away and nobody is going to see that waste stream as a metaphorical gold mine. If you believe that one and any other recycling based fear mongering, I’ve got a bridge I can sell you for a bargain price.

“EVs don’t work for this very rare trip that I do once a year.” Ok. Fine. Spend an hour at a nice park and have a pleasant lunch while the car charges up.

Got any other ways that EVs are said to be evil?


The continuing battery evolution…


It is pretty nuts.

Plenty of unknown brands there now. 50% of new cars are EV.

Li 4WD looks awesome

It will never work, I tell ya!!!

I am in China now. I wondered why some cars have blue number plates while others have green. At first I thought they could have been from different provinces, but no: they had the same characters for that.

Different dates? nope, the rego numbers were intermingled.

At last I asked a local: the green ones are for EV cars. I reckon the green ones are about 1 third of the cars on the road in this city (which is just a Tier 3 city described by a local as conservative, so probably uptake is higher in more populous places).

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Info on the BYD Sealion 6 PHEV released today
Base model Dynamic is $48990 before onroad costs.
Premium is $52990
92km (Dynamic) / 81km (Premium) electric range means a good chunk of 9to5ers could do their working week completely on electricity.

Haven’t seen whether it’s V2H capable. I assume not, but one day when cars like this are, you could power your house off it overnight and it wouldn’t use too much of your 18kWh or larger capacity future battery.