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My question is around Kindles. My generation 4 kindle has just run out of space. I purchased it while I was living in the UK, so it is linked to amazon.co.uk. I still have a UK bank account, so I don’t pick up any exchange rate transaction costs. All my ebooks are linked to this UK account, and since I purchased it through the amazon website, I am not familiar with setting up new kindles.

My questions are:

  1. Any advice on what kindle to purchase, or is newest always best? I like my generation 4 one, it is so light, easy to use (except the ■■■■■■ folder structure) and the battery (used to) last for ages.
  2. I have heard horror stories that kindle books are more expensive (after allowing for currency changes) on Amazon.com.au versus Amazon.co.uk. Is this true?
  3. If the above is true, or even if its neutral, how do I connect my kindle to amazon.co.uk, so I can keep using the same account/records/bank accounts as I currently do? Does this desire of mine restrict where I should purchase the kindle (e.g. rather than JB Hi-Fi order it from the UK)?

Thanks for any help.


Maybe title the thread “Kindle” help etc.?


Changed. Thanks.


Surely it’s a case of just entering your account details in a new kindle? I guess you could just buy one and return it if it doesn’t work?


Yeah I think you just login to the new kindle with your Amazon account right?

I am still on my first, late to the kindle craze. Its a paperwhite kindle and I am happy with it if that helps?


Dumb question but can’t you just delete books once read?


I was going to ask if you could shift them onto another drive. Not sure I’d be keen to delete, but I have no idea about these things. I’m presuming you can’t do such things to share with other fam members on their device etc??


Surely it’s like anything digital. If you delete you can allways redownload


Yes, but you lose all your folder structure. And I’m a hoarder.


I might try that.


I also think @Preliminary_Point2 is likely correct too.