Elimination Final Viewing in Melbourne

BakerWasAStar, Daughter of VanDerHaar and VanDerHaar have been discussing where to watch the Sydney final from…(in Melb)

Are there and club functions (i.e Windy Hill or TVSC) organised or venues where Blitzers/EFC fans will be congregating??

The Peel Hotel.

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For anybody in the inner north, we’ll be at the Terminus in Clifton Hill or the Peacock in Northcote.

Would have thought the Peel would be more an afterparty venue?

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Was planning to watch at one of those venues. Let us know which one you decide on.

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Probably leaning towards the Peacock. better footy atomsphere

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Somewhat tempting.
I’d prefer something a little more east.

Peacock is more east than terminus.

More east for those of us who live Northcote/Thornbury is pain to get to without driving, which kind of makes the whole going to the pub thing pointless

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The Rose in Fitzroy is a great footy pub. That’s where I’ll be.

Outside your suburb is pointless?
Okay then.

Now that’s tempting, haven’t been in since the renovations

I’ve been there are couple of times since the renovations - fairly different atmosphere. Haven’t watched a game there for a while though.

no, just east of there is a massive pain without driving.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that…

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Fair enough
As I said, Northcote is tempting for me.
If it was Hawthorn it’d be a lock, and that’s 33 friggin’ k away.

Windy Hill will have 2 big screens and a 2 course meal for $35.

Well the omens were not good when they kicked out the Pub Cricket team.

We (the Napier) followed not long after.

Went to the EFC website to have a look at the link @SheedsIsOurFather put up (thanks by the way), saw this while i was reading up. Although not in Melbourne, this bit caught my eye:

Van Diemen Dons:

The Van Diemen Dons are hosting an Elimination Final Game Day event, please join them from 4pm on Saturday 9th at the Onyx Bar at Wrest Point. Simon Madden will be in attendance.

Man those Van Diemen Dons are heavily connected. If this was the godfather movie they’d be like Marlon Brando at the wedding.


Does anyone know where Essendon supporters group in Bendigo are viewing the game?

Peacock or the rose. At the terminus now and it’s filled with dickheads

Fark I hate irrelevant Richmond supporters. You’d think they just won the flag.

A qtr of dominance for nothing.

■■■■■■■ pissant peasants