English Premier League 2018/19


Never heard of him. Might have a look at him.


do you prefer your cucumber sandwich with or without cucumber?


If he was english, he would have been the starting LB for them at the WC



Really liking Gomez paired with Virgil. A few of his passes up and diagonally have been rippers. Really hopes he gets an injury free run at this year


Go Wolves. Centre stage at home. Loving it :smile::+1:


3 games, 3 wins, 3 clean sheets. A 1-0 win against Brighton at Anfield, however they did more than Park the bus. They were pretty decent when the were in possession, far harder to break down and could’ve nicked a point if we didn’t have Allisson in goal. Made a great point-blank save late in the match that I doubt either Karius or Mignolet would’ve kept out. Also the audacity and arrogance he has with the ball at his feet, he nearly came unstuck once but still was good enough to avoid calamity.


In the past that is definitely a game we concede a late equaliser. Made us work hard to earn the 3 points.

Highlight of the weekend so far for me is the Maguire winner.


Well done to the Old Gold in getting a point v City.


Another solid, rather than spectacular win. Banked the points. Top of the table after City gloriously dropped points.


Wolves :heart_eyes:


As a Reds fan, it was great to see the Wolves hold on for a point vs City. And Pep was somewhat gracious with the draw. Imagine Mourinho in similar circumstances. He would have lost his sheet.


Get we all seem pretty happy City dropped points.
However that Wolves goal was a joke.


Will also add City had a blatant penalty not paid.


It better not be the one where Agüero tripped himself. I’d send guys off for that.


No it was on Silva.


Get all that as well. Pep didn’t complain, though.

“It was a good game, we concede too much counter attacks, we were not settled, we create a lot of chances against a team with 10 players behind and that is a good point. Of course (Wolves deserve praise).”


Wolves played unbelievable and I’m more than happy City dropped points but if those two decisions had gone against my club my foot would still be wedged inside my tv.


what a fkg save tho


Hornets off to a flying start


Loved the game on the weekend :smile: Wolves were brave and at it, everything I could’ve hoped for. Scored from a handball yes, but I hope we keep attacking like we have been, it’s fantastic :+1: