English Premier League 2018/19


He is The Chairman.


With real madrid coach given the ■■■, poch could well be on his way there shortly.


They are after Conte as well


Think Conte said no



no thanks


not to the role but to losing out on his 9.5 mil compo package with chelsea. if he takes a job this season he loses the compo.


think he would be a good get. you already know what he can do with a ■■■■ defence protecting him.


Same here.


Should be a cracking game between the Reds and Gunners early tomorrow. Will Bobby become the first Reds player to score in four consecutive games vs the Gunners?


bag of dicks Jose. bag of dicks, eat them all


We would struggle to keep an A-League team out ATM. Just woeful


Not pretty in Pink.



Should be 2-0, deadset pen for me







Terrible performance but will take anything ATM


Might literally steal this one here.


Nice to win one with a Goal in ET.


Christ we are hard to watch.

Chris Smalling and Ashley Young… Absolutely stealing a living.

And playing Mata in a wide position is just pointless.

Very lucky to get the points today and we didn’t deserve much more than a point IMO.