English Premier League 2018/19


Nine have run with the owner has been confirmed as having been on the aircraft and of course having perished. Still awaiting an official statement from LCFC. Other than the pilot, not sure who else was on board. Absolute tragedy…


A tragic end to one of sports true fairy tales.


That’s awful


Look mate - Hoddle is a legend of my football club but yep his comments due to his religious beliefs are in my opinion are one of a nut jobs.
So we agree on that 100%.
That being said I’m not wishing physical harm on a bloke who has bizarre religious beliefs.

I mean I still enjoy The Mission Impossible movies.

Hoddle you will find did a truckload of charity work when he played.
So what? You will say - just saying he isn’t a monster.
Just into a weird religious belief.


So true.


Totally unbelievable about Leicester.

I’m still in shock.


So if The Toffees win will that be it for Jose?


Nah. Christmas would be the earliest IMO


Christmas - I guess it’s not that long away.
Knowing United the season will have been turned around by then.


United of old, most likely. The united of present…not a chance. Best we can hope for is a top 4 finish


That was very nearly 3-0.

If they keep this up, those tuning in hoping for a Jose implosion will be very disappointed.


So Arsenal’s run of wins comes to an end. Next up: Liverpool at the Emirates. Should be interesting.


Has Jose ever turned it around, when the slide’s started??




Given that the slide usually coincides with open warfare with senior players and executives, nope.


Don’t underestimate him. He’s got a team with some absolutely world class players and he’s a brilliant game day tactical coach. The team is on the way down, but Manure, who are my most disliked team, will end close to top 4. Much as it pains me to say it.

I’m for Arsenal for reasons too complicated to explain. They are at a really interesting point. They lost the first two games to two top teams, won their next 10, and drew this week away but against mediocre opposition. Next game is Liverpool at Emirates. If they win then I will be impressed. Draw and I’ll be fairly satisfied. Lose and it’s the same old Arsenal.


united feels like its being arsenaled.

yanks that have nfi about what clubs mean to people other than commercial gains.


Just watched the ESPN Football show with Gab Marcotti on there talking about Spurs.

Thought he made an interesting point about how the owners of other clubs cop heat when they don’t spend coin to strengthen their squads.
Arsenal were his example.

Meanwhile Joe Lewis is off swanning around somewhere on his yacht and hasn’t spent a dime to help Poch out this season and so far we have been dealing with injuries to our best players.

He is right 100%.


please, hes only worth 5bn.


I thought it was some guy called Levy…or is this an Anglicised…or Welshified…name?