English Premier League 2018/19


In the end city are just too good


Brilliant to watch Utd get done against City.


One shot on target all game, and it was the penalty.


When Liverpool played City at home they only had 2 shots on target. City are a cut above


Liverpool’s last 10 games
Chelsea 1-2
Chelsea 1-1
Napoli 0-1
City 0-0
Huddefield 1-0
Zvevda 4-0
Cardiff 4-0
Arsenal 1-1
Zvevda 0-2
Fulham 2-0
Strong results but struggle against good teams


Only teams we have dropped points against in the PL are City (home), Chelsea and Arsenal (both away). We have those away plus Spurs out the way before December. The only difficult away game we have left is City. That’s it.


Or put it another way - it’s 3 losses from 17 for the year. You could argue it’s only 2 losses given one was in the League Cup with a weakened team against Chelsea.

We aren’t playing super football but we are sitting only 2 points behind the high flying all conquering City in the league and we have progression from our Champions League group in our own hands. Not a bad place to be.

Alternatively you could struggle against good and bad teams and be sitting 7 points and a ton of goal difference off 4th.


Another penalty. They must be averaging one in every second game fmd. Spirit of Fergie lives on…


And it all means jack all if you don’t win it. Hopefully City power away


Maybe you should just let the big boys play. Good luck in your battle with Everton.


Good luck when with your never ending title drought, most of us know we are ■■■■■ but I’d still back us in to win another before your drought ends


From personal experience I think it’s time you started enjoying your mid table mediocrity. You might be there for a while yet if the Special One continues to drive your club into the ground!


Don’t forget the other heavy hitters in Watford and Bournemouth. You do these teams a disservice.


I can live with us finishing second to the greatest team to ever play in the Premier League. I’ve never seen better football, or a more dominating side than this City squad.


September, October and November = about 10 Liverpool posts a day. They all disappear by Xmas.
By around Feb-March this thread turns to 99% Man U fans self flagellating. Interspersed with the odd bit of Tottenham and Arsenal.


Lol. Leicester and farken Blackburn Rovers have had more success in the league over the last 25 years and you dare call yourself big boys. Start winning trophies if you want to be taken seriously


I came around awhile ago that we are mid table garbage and have to accept it. The only saving grace is that whilst we are floundering you aren’t reaping the rewards.


To be fair there had been bugger all Liverpool posts in here until it was implied by a Man United fan that we are struggling against the big teams.


as a United fan- i have seen enough success to last a lifetime. If we have to live in the mid table wilderness for a while before we get back to the top, I’m cool with that.

The title is Man city’s to lose. Their squad is just way too deep for anyone compete against consistently.


Yep - I’ll be in here win,lose or choke.

Stallion has been quiet in this thread this season.
I know they aren’t going well but he still usually chimes in on all things Hammers no matter how they are going.