English Premier League 2018/19


Pffft, you’re all snobs. Try supporting a team that hasn’t been in the Premier League in 16 seasons and is diving straight towards League One.


He usually chimes in, but it’s normally to ask NOONAN how THE WALL are going.

Anyone know what hell happened to Franky
Dunnell? Lost in one of the blitz crashes?


Didn’t think you were a Leeds fan?

Bit sad how long I’ve been here, I can remember when this thread circa ‘04 was full of Lozin Must and Nandoz talking about Leeds.

chelsea’s best player was jimm floyd hasselbaink, long before Man City were any good, and every EPL defence was required to have a mediocre Australian (Danny tiatto at the sky blues, neill at blackburn, lazaridis at Brummie, was Hayden foxe at leicester or something?)


Man City are just too good. Sometimes you just have to admit it when a rival is playing good football.


Foxe was at West Ham for a while, Lazaridis was there as well before he went to Birmingham. Kewell and Viduka were with Leeds, but they also had Jacob Burns and Paul Okon had a short spell there. Who else? Popovic at Palace, Muscat played in the PL with Wolves from memory.


Muscat was one of NOONAN’s boys down at the Den


So was Cahill - bookended his career there.


He’s a really been quiet everywhere.

Maybe he has gotten a life? Or worse, a missus


You ■■■■■ can all get ■■■■■■ with the rough end of a pineapple about me and ■■■■■■■ Millwall.

Now ■■■■ the lot of you. You’re all ■■■■■, except @Sammy_Hagar and @fogdog.


I honestly thought you were a City fan


So what’s you’re saying is that you are a gunners fan?


Nandoz wasn’t a leeds fan, was an AC Milan fan.
Lozin must was also one of the first to join the Victory South End


No, i ■■■■■■■ hate them too. Red and white ■■■■-suckers.


That’s the way.


The Madbomber is the Arsenal guru.
Thing is we actually get along which is surprising.


Rangers fan! ■■■■ all Rangers fans!

My last vestige of Catholicism is Celtic.


Thanks Sammy but I am far from a guru. Just mad/passionate. Unfortunately I have not watched an Arsenal game in probably a season and a half. I follow the scores, the transfer rumours etc. I sometimes listen to parts of our games on the BBC. Unfortunately I don’t think we will have many games on SBS whilst we are in the Europa League.


I watch nearly all of the Gunners games. When we’re good we’re very, very good and when we’re bad we’re horrid.


You’d be right not to think that. Ipswich Town.


I am handing the Arsenal guru baton over to you then, you far more qualified than me.