English Premier League 2018/19


Actually thought that wasn’t a bad showing today.

I think Jose has a plan, and part of it is to de big head a couple of “Stars” and bench them until they get the fkn msg, “My way. or the Highway”,!

It’s been happening slowly, but today I thought it showed it’s progressively working.

It actually feels a bit similar to EFC in the 1st half of last year in a way, if you know what I mean.


And the Gunners still can’t get a win at Old Trafford :cry::cry:


Might be onto something there. Problem is, Pogba, Lukaku, Sanchez are his big headed recruits. Doesn’t look good when he’s forced to bench them because they won’t play for him.


Sanchez will be gone in January


Woodward couldn’t find a CB for the entirety of the last transfer window.

You now think this same man will be able to find a buyer for £500k pw. Show pony that runs one but only if he feels like, who manages to alienate most of his teammates.

And he’s injury prone. And past his best before date. And currently playing for a mid table team.


I said it at the start, Man Utd was the worst possible Club that Sanchez would go to as I jokingly referred to him as the most paid left back in the world. Would flourish at the right club.


Take a bow, Mo Salah. Put on a masterclass with a hat-trick vs the Cherries. That second goal, after having his Achilles raked, was pure class. Reds win 4-0 & temporarily top the PL table.


Yes that Egyptian dude can definitely play.

Just thought I’d state the flaming obvious after many a brew today.


That’s 1, … of hopefully about 4 against the bottom side, at home tonight.


Early days but United look like early in this game the way I was expecting them to look at the start of the year.
Look good.


Don’t they though??

Love this home strip, … :smirk:


2, …


Am enjoying the way they are playing.
That 2nd goal was sweet football.


Fkn nice hit that.

Rashford been very good the past month.





Decent half.


Very near a 4th straight up.


Coughed up an absolute sitter there, …


Not a pen.