English Premier League 2018/19


Don’t worry dude we aren’t organising a lynch mob.


Luka modric looks like a bad DJ on Ibiza not a footballer.


Remember Bozza with his Hitler salute?

As I keep saying, people who think Australia is very racist need to travel to Europe for a month or two to see how bad racism can be.




Nice one Rossoneri - was going to remind Blitz of the Bozza salute!


I was at an England / NZ Test Match at Old Trafford in the 1990’s and Gladstone Small was fielding on the boundary.

Group of yobbos were calling out about him having no neck and looking like a big black monkey. They were persistent and no-one seemed to care except Gladestone who was clearly upset. I asked two Police atanding nearby to shut them up, but all they said was the " lads are just having a bit of fun". So I went and these blokes to stop, and surprisingly they did.

The people I was with were upset with me for causing a commotion.


Stuck your neck out there, BF


Especially on a small issue.


About time to bring out the Ian Botham/Turtle Soup joke for another airing?


Come on Wolves, hold on!




Geez we are garbage and Arsenal still couldn’t get the chocolates


You’re leaving it open for a real contest for 6th. Its exciting for the league if nothing else.


Missing out on Europe is the only killer. Finishing 2nd or 6th doesn’t put trophies in the cabinets


Very true, but Europe attracts players to a club. You guys will be there for sure, guaranteed.


Lol, we ain’t finishing top 8 let alone in a European spot


You can’t play any worse and you’re still tied for 6th on points. Not sure how you could think you’ll drop further. The teams surrounding you are not about to become world beaters. You guys can. Just need to sort out the crap obviously. Hopefully January helps.

Edit: hopefully for you that is :grin:


Can we just sack him already, it will at least give us a chance of salvaging the season


The Reds best start to a season in their 126-year history, but they are still trailing City. A solid win away against the struggling Clarets. Fine performance by Keita in his first game in three months.