English Premier League 2018/19


5 Goals in a game, … for the 1st time since Sir Ferg left the club.


Solid debut for the new Manager.




The difference a manager can make when he gives confidence to the players, and gives them creative freedom.

The whole club gets a huge boost from an oppointment like this. Supporters and players are jumping out of their skin with excitement.

Remember this forum when we sacked Knights and hired Hird. We felt like we got our club back.

Anyway Very impressive start so far.


Wow Chelsea and City both get beaten. Handy 4 point lead for Liverpool heading into the super busy Christmas/ New Year period.


that was absolute filth


A lot of it is mental. Look at how Jose was kicking off in pre-season about not getting signings in. How would that make the rest of the team feel, especially the centre backs? Even if they aren’t the best going around, you don’t want them to think that. When we missed out on VVD before January last year, Klopp didn’t whinge about it. Just got on with the job and kept saying he was happy with what he had. We got him in the end, but if he’d come out and said that Lovren or Matip are not good enough, they could’ve downed tools and that’s when trouble can start in a squad. Whether Solksjaer is any chance to be permanent manager or not time will tell…


Was awesome to see united play our old style of attacking. More of the same please.




is there a bigger blight on punditry than former liverpool players?

graeme souness, michael owen, the others.


Gary Neville, Roy Keane, etc, etc. :wink:

Didn’t the latter defend ‘The Sacked One’ the other day? Dumped all the blame on the players, as if the manager had very little influence on their performances/morale within the squad, etc. And they respond by putting Cardiff (who are rubbish - but still…) to the sword.


Keane is decent becuase he just says his opinion, never sugar coach’s anything. Neville isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer and his brother Phil is as dumb as the drawer that the knives are kept in.


Being a gunners supporter there has been lots to be happy about this year. Emery has them playing the best football we have probably played in 4 or 5 years and all with a very unsettled lineup.

Historically it is this Xmas period where Arsenal start to go missing and start having inexplicable losses to cellar dwellers.

If we are to continue to fight for a top 4 spot we need to find somebody to stand beside Koscielny at CB(Emery has been prone to going with a back 3 also), and Aubamayang needs to continue in his current form. Lacazette needs to start finishing off all his hard work also.

Throwing it out there but I think Aubameyang should be considered in the top 5 players in the PL for what he’s done since arriving at Arsenal. He’s one of those players that doesn’t need many touches to have a massive impact.


We were on fire against The Toffees.
Gave them a belting.






Mad Liverpool supporter. Do I dare to dream now? Holding back. I know how they usually screw this up…


Do it! I expect they will stuff it up gloriously but of the likely 4 or 5 that are still mathematically in it (realistically it is only out of you guys and Citeh) it would be my preference to be Liverpool. I am not really believing Arsenal can do it this season but can start really building the team for an assault in the coming seasons.


It is your title to lose now. 4 points clear, and the goal difference isn’t something to be worried. Could easily even that up by the end of the year.

If you can get through this christmas period and still be ahead on the table. The on;y thing that could slip you up is CL and how far you progress in it


The city clash in two rounds time is the title in my opinion.

Reds win that and they can start to believe.


Too early to say it’s “ours to lose”, it’s not even Christmas. A loooooong way to go. If we are in the same position with half a dozen games left then yes it is. We’ve been superb so far, but we must keep it up.


Plus have you seen who is the only team to not win title after being in front at Christmas for the last 10 years? That’s right Liverpool. And they’ve done it twice.