English Premier League 2018/19


Not sure what you meant by this exactly, … but just in case, … and also for those who have no idea what you’re actually on about, …


Interesting discussion. Best players who never won a PL winners medal after a long career in England.Gerrard is right up there. Di canio, Zola, i always thought Pepe Reina was a fantastic keeper but never got proper plaudits becuase he normally had an average defence in front of him


Have dominated the game but fallen behind early in the second half


Fulham were down 2-0 and now lead 2-3.


4-2 now


And Newcastle have just equalised with City


There goes my multi :laughing:


And Burnley seal it. Oh well the run was good whilst it lasted


And Newcastle take the lead


City down 2-1 too.


Newcastle have scored a second!!


United score 2 at the death to nick a point


Spoke too soon


Pool’s to lose now. City haven’t got the bottle for a fight


Easy win for Wolves. We looked class today.



Huge result for Liverpool but will be worth 0 if we don’t win tomorrow.


When I saw City open the scoring after 1 minute I thought it would get ugly for the Toon, but WOWEE!! Big chance to go 7 clear tomorrow.


Ozil wearing the captains band again today.

Cant understand what message Emery is trying to send.


Much shorter version. Was struggling to get the address from the iPad.


Congrats to the pool supporters on here. Title is all wrapped up now