English Premier League 2018/19


I should add hopefully we have the depth.


Just give the manager job to Solskjaer already, I think he’s proven he deserves it with 8 wins in a row.


Not much spurs or any team For that matter can do when they lose their best 3 attackers.


Good article on Wolves, long read, but speaks of our ambition and where we are hoping to go.


Aaaaand West hams opponent Wimbledon just draw Millwall in the next round of the cup.



And of course we get Chelsea whilst City draw potentially league 2 opponents




Actually Wimbledon would have preferred an away game against a major club. Despite the certain loss they could do with the money. The gate from playing Millwall at home will be next to nothing given their ground only holds about 4,700.

Go Wombles!


Wimbledon won’t have a home ground once Millwall fans go through it.


We (Wolves) have a replay against Shrewsbury tomorrow morning and then potentially Brighton. Hopefully we can deliver and setup another crack at a big club.


Surely has to be rigged


Thought the Man U supporters would be happy with City getting an armchair ride. Isn’t an easy path through the Cup for City a good thing - it allows them to focus more on ensuring they stop the mighty Liverpool from winning the league.


Nah you’re home and hosed


It’s not insignificant. To be honest City can put out a 2nd string team against most Premier League sides and win without much hassle, so facing lower league opposition is nothing to them. It gives them a chance to play some of their academy players as well and to keep the squad ticking over with some football at competitive level. We don’t really have that luxury. From here our games are PL or CL. Unless we blow Bayern Munich off the park in the 1st leg at Anfield, we wouldn’t trot out a team full of squad players. Klopp will have to use the U23s to give bench players some minutes…


You don’t mean, surely, that there’d be actual English players in those Man City teams?


Like Chelsea, their academy exists as a revenue stream for FFP purposes. Very few of them will actually make the grade at that club. Hudson-Odoi at Chelsea is a classic example. Bayern are looking at signing him as well as a few other PL sides. If they get a decent fee they can then re-invest that into buying a player. Sign kids in big numbers, hope they at least become decent enough to warrant someone buying them, and churn them through the system. Vitesse Arnhem in the Dutch League is pretty much full of Chelsea academy players on loan…


Liverpool will stop themselves winning it.



trying to download Brian Clough talking about Murdoch and Maxwell, and struggling


I watched the Stevie G doco the other night. Fark that slip hurts him - as it hurts any Liverpool fan. Apparently he was playing that match after having an epidural in his back. He shouldn’t have played but the game just meant so much to him. Having grown up in Liverpool as a Liverpool fan, coming through the youth ranks and losing a cousin at Hillsborough he wanted nothing more than to win the premier league and he knew that was his last chance. Should he have played - probably not. But who was going to deny him the opportunity.

Clearly I am biased but I think of all players to have played in the Premier League era he deserved a title more than anyone else who hasn’t won one. He stuck fat with the club even when they treated him poorly by not keeping the quality of players around him to win a title. Despite this when big money came his way he knocked it back.

A true legend.