English Premier League 2018/19


It’s an idea, would be concerned about his hammys though. Bombing up and down that flank is a big risk.


well congratulations anyway my friend


Lol. I read up about the fullham ‘firm’. The vast majority of them travel on mass just get drunk and fighting is frowned upon.


I’d play Ki-Jana Hoever if he is fit- reckon the kid will be a star - Klopp should back him in.


Noonan would eat them alive in South Bermondsey




Definitely Chelsea.

Except pie-throwing (obviously). :rofl:


I thought cottages and pies go together?


I officially love Newcastle now. Now God, please help The Liverpool lads play a scorcher…


he could possibly be one day.

Wouldn’t start him against Vardy though. The guy has made a career of irritating opponents, using his speed and his knowledge/experience.

If Vardy got the better of Ki, it could really set him back.





ICF vs Bushwackers - who wins in a hypothetical & modern dust up?


I know we scored early but this game feels nervy. Maybe it’s me.

Klopp should tell them at half time if they don’t clear or pass back with conviction then they are not playing on the weekend. Vardy is waiting to pounce.


Watford score against us just before halftime and Liverpool lead their game 1-0.


And there it is. Maguire shouldn’t be on the pitch.


The football gods are smiling on Arsenal this week


Bournemouth up 3-0 against Chelsea


Liverpool supporters be like


Sarri has done a Mourinho on the squad.