English Premier League 2018/19


Ban the coward forever. Gaol for lifetime.


My like was for your first part (ban him for life). Jail (for life) is too much of a stretch.

I feared this sheet would happen in this fixture.



Wow, that’s farking weak.


They can Guillotine the prick if they want for mine.


Not FKN on!


Got applauded off the pitch too.

I’m watching now and Grealish is getting boo’d when he touches the ball.


Salah needs to do more off the ball.



3-1 Reds.


Lovely Bobby! 2 goals scored basically from the line.


He was wearing a peaked blinders cap as well. Genuine thug wannabe gang member.

The Birmingham players were super good after it happened.


And Grealish just scored!


Queue pandemonium in away end


Talk about karma


Tom Heaton is a plonker.

Disgraceful from that fan to do that. It is farking embarrassing though that a player can take a hit like that unexpectedly and get straight back up and is fine and then cop the faintest of touches and carry on like they have been shot.


Of all players


well hard peaky blinder


Great shift by Lallana. Definitely wasn’t expecting that. Just brought a level of hustle we haven’t had the last few games.


Mane! Fck off, Burnley!


Despite conceding 2 I always felt confident tonight. Think it was because we looked a lot more potent in attack. When Mo gets back on the score sheet I feel he could go on a super scoring run.


Cracking goal from Hazard in stoppage time levels things at 1-1 against Wolves.


Arsenal 1-0 at the half thanks to Dave’s error
We have had our chances but they look a touch cleaner