English Premier League 2018/19


Leno keeping us in it at the moment.

Brilliant defending.


Penalty taken by the Gunners after a second half domination by Man U



Our gutless defenders gift them another


Not a great time to put up our worst display of Ole’s tenure. Tough run home makes CL qualification difficult now


Just one of those days, Rashford and Lukaku haven’t been worth a burnt crumpet today


I’m blaming this loss on aceman


Tough game but happy with the result.

With Chelsea dropping points, top four is in Arsenal’s hands.


Your post gains more gravitas because you used the olde spelling of jail/gaol.

I was pleasantly surprised when I found the scores. I did not think we would win but I think we have tended to bounce back from a poor performance under Unai. I don’t think we would have won this game as it was under Wenger.


Our best win for the season I think. There have been other good ones, but a) to beat Man U in the league for the first time for about 10 years, b) to inflict the first league loss on Man U since Solskjaer took over, c) to keep a clean sheet, and d) most of all, to win a crucial game against strong opposition and take us firmly into the top four, all add up to it being the best.

I didn’t watch the game, but from the stats Man U didn’t dominate the second half. For the game they had 54%-46% possession, one more shot at goal, 3 fewer corners and a lot more fouls. It looks fairly even, and it was roughly the same at half time.


Possession percentage can be pretty meaningless, you can knock the ball round the back for 15 minutes with 11 men sitting back quite happily.


It was a game of 4 quarters really. Both sides dominated at certain stages but Arsenal managed to take their chances and Man U couldn’t break down the two Arsenal CB’s and my best on ground, Leno.

Great game that could have went either way.


For a striker that has scored as many goals as he has fark me Lukaku can just be deadset useless at putting the ball in the back of the net.

My nan could put away the chances that he missed last night.

Toothless performance and really expect better from De Gea but there isn’t much he can do working with that turd of a backline.

Pathetic result considering our form beforehand.


you probably need to step back from the teams you support, can’t be good for your mental well-being.


Just looking at the table, I can’t remember a season were 2 teams are so clearly superior to the rest. The gap between 2nd and 3rd is 12 points with 8 to play. City and Liverpool are just a cut above, and either one will be desperately unlucky to not win the title because under normal course of events they’d be home and dry. Great result for the Gunners, they have been improving steadily.


He isn’t wrong though.
Bad mistake by Dave for their first and you just know Fred has at least 1 brain fade every week. Lukaku and Rashford were off last night, the big fella especially has to take those chances. Hopefully just a blip on the radar as CL qualification is an absolute must and we now face an uphill battle. City will murder us if we play like last night


You forgot 2011/12 already. City and United finished on level points and were 19 points ahead of Arsenal in third


just look at how they talk about every sporting team they fellow


Reds & City fight for the title going down to the wire.

CL qual race wide open now. Spurs & Gunners for mine.

Manure - funny.


My faith has been restored after last night.

We still have some tricky games to come but at least we aren’t playing sides around us.

Ours to lose now.


I don’t care what United do, but a win against City would be lovely.