English Premier League 2019/20

Kante was injured.

Our defence will look a little better over time. It was Maguire’s first game with them and due to our shrewd negotiations enabling us to get him for the same price we were quoted at the start of the summer he has only had a chance to train with the team a few days.

Our midfield looks well short on quality though and, except for Rashford, we look light on up front.

My thoughts exactly. In reality, we were, … but they really know how to attack once they get a lead and go forward with confidence.

Pogba really earnt some respect from me from that game, he seems to have matured a tad and is already showing a willingness to play more team orientated ball this year, exemplified by his run from the back, and final set up pass for the 4th.

The 2nd half was fantastic,… if only they can learn to start games with the same attacking confidence before they get 1 up for the buffer, … it will make for a pretty good season I’d wager.

Bodes well. Great start to the year,

Pogba’s remarks about his future at Man U still being questionable are very timely.

Just kicked off the campaign with victory over a big rival club and then he comes out says that sort of stuff.

If I were a teammate or supporter I would pack his bags for him.

Second biggest flog in the game behind Vardy in my opinion.

You realise how contradictory that sentence reads yeah?

How so?
Chelsea look absolutely garbage and yet should have led us at the half which is a massive concern. A long season awaits both clubs I think

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I don’t mind the direction the club’s taken - banned from transfers, Haz gone… it’s a good time to rebuild. The Chelsea supporters that I know are all over it - love the idea of watching a young team and coach learning together how to get their sh*t sorted

Xav and Tanner, take note.

Now for the real stuff!




That’s delicious Auba

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A point dropped against ManU at home. :joy:

I’ll take it with a great strike by Neves. We play Torino next on Thursday with the winner to join the group stages in the Europa.

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Why is Pogba taking penalties when Rashford is on the pitch?

Thought we played ok, really dominated the first half and missed a couple of golden chances. Missed penalty from Pogba hurts but whilst disappointed I’m not unhappy to get out of there with only a point.

He insisted.

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pretty much how i feel. Pogba needs to put his ego aside and not take anymore penalties. Rashford need to be the one taking them.

It took an absolute worldie to score against us. If you offered me a point before the game- i would have almost taken it.

Happy with 4 points from our first 2 games.

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Yep. 1 good win after getting over the nerves, … and then started this one like we finished the last, which was my main gripe of last week (& season) and my main take away from this one, which, … for all extents and purposes, we should have come home with the 3 from.

Very happy with the Seasons start from Ole & the boys.

Ok, need some help from anyone re: getting tickets to EPL games. I’m looking at a game when I’m away late September, want to see the Wolves at Molineux.

How have people gone about getting tickets? I contacted the club direct and they said they hold 20 tickets for overseas fans. Sounds like you buy them by logging in and trying to snap them up (after getting a membership of course). The only thing I don’t like about this is, I don’t think there are any guarantees and we’d really like to go to a game.

So I’ve noticed Stubhub can be an option, people seem to resell their tickets here. Can I trust this site??? I’ll take any ideas as I’m hanging to get to a game to see them and obviously, I’m not heading back anytime soon :grinning:

Love to hear any ideas or suggestions… at the moment - Stubhub seems to be my only guarantee but worried about getting stooged.

Stubhub is very good apparently.
I generally get tickets through my rellies that live there.
Have you considered a corporate box?
Most clubs sell day tickets and you get a meal a few drinks and usually a guest speaker before the game. It’s a little pricier but a great day out

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Could be a possibility. I’ll check it out. Thanks Aceman.

I did a corporate box when I went to Anfield a few years ago and would definitely recommend checking out that option. Mine was basically just a function room with food and then a seat. Drinks were added extras. Whilst it was about £200 it was most definitely work every penny.


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