English Premier League 2021/2022

The EPL released the new fixture. Week one below.

Thoughts on your teams draw?


I want Leeds to keep Raffina (and others) and replace the depth they lost when a few players retired. One or two good signing to improve them wouldn’t go astray either!

Given ManU might have players tired from the Euros and Copa America, getting them in round 1 when Leeds can push their fitness attack might be good.

A left back and CAM are a priority for leeds. Some exciting names being thrown about, but we’ll see.

Another wing to compete with harrison and a kiko/backup GK replacement next. I think any of Struijk, Llorente and Koch can fill in CDM if Philips is injured so it doesn’t look at that is as much of a priority as it was mid last season.

There’s no way Raphinha is going anywhere the summer. Maybe next, but it’ll be to spain imho.

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Last we opened with Norwich away we won the the european cup soooooo there’s that.


We should win the first week away to Brentford but they will be pretty fired up for their first game in the top flight, so in other words it is a banana peel of a game.

Jesus Christ Rafa Benitez now favourite to land the Everton gig :-/

That should make him the most hated man in (the city of) Liverpool. Neither side would like that.

Patson Daka to the Foxes. That will help scoring. Good Vardy replacement longer term.

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Don’t know him, and the Austrian league ain’t the strongest, but 22, player of the season, sounds good.

Because Leeds were so long out of the EPL, I have a number of teams I follow as ‘second’ teams, and I always want Leicester to do well. Was very upset they couldn’t finish top 4 last season.

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I don’t think Rafa would necessarily be hated if he took on the Everton job. Judging from a lot of the fan channels the general consensus is that there wouldn’t be any hard feelings. The fume will come from the Blue side of the city. He would be an appointment that will polarise the supporters. He’s said some things about them previously, called them a “small club”, etc. End of the day, he lives in Liverpool, his family lives in Liverpool (even when he managed Real Madrid his wife and kids stayed on Merseyside because that’s their home), so from that POV it makes sense. He’s a good man and a great manager. I personally wouldn’t like to see him in charge at Goodson but I won’t hate on him for it.


He’s kicked. Atom of goals in the last couple of years. Apparently chose LCFC because they were offering more game time so perhaps really planning post Vardy.

They seem a solid team that sits out of the top 4. They are their own worst enemy each year dropping games to those below. Seems they are spending big this year, which is why Rodgers remained. He must have known they were coming out of lean times money wise.

My Wife is from Leicester so that’s where I started following them. Been to a bunch of game too now.

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They’ve really struggled for depth in the squad the last two seasons to make that final push. Just one win in both seasons would have made the difference, which would have brought a lot of cash with it.

If they are spending, which would improve the best 11 and depth, that would make a huge difference. They’ve got a heap of quality already, they do seem to recruit really well. I enjoy their game style as well.

You’re 100% right there about the wins. It’s been frustrating falling that short, but I always thought the squad looked a bit thin. We rolled Vardy out a couple of times a week which is not ideal. You need depth to go deep in all competitions.

The owners main revenue source is Thai Duty Free. So you can imagine the squeeze in the last two years. It’s why the big prices they have got for Chilwell and McGuire were important.

Already planning my holidays to coincide nicely with leeds man u opening day with fans. should be some bite!


Expected that Rafa Benitez will be unveiled as Everton manager this week. Can’t wait to see the fume from Toffees fans!

Reports that Rafa has arrived at Finch Farm, Everton’s training HQ. Has reportedly agreed to a 3-year deal as Toffees manager.

He’s too good for them.

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3 words - Nuno Espírito Santo!

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He’s the best credentialed manager they could’ve hoped for once Ancelotti left. He won’t get much leeway for the supporters. He needs to hit the ground running. This is Everton’s 5th permanent managerial appointment since they sacked Martinez in 2016 (Koeman, Allardyce, Silva, Ancelotti, Benitez). They have spent a fair bit of money but the squad is a bit like an island of misfit toys. A mishmash of signings from all of Rafa’s predecessors and no real plan or thought into what they’re building. He will at the very least organise them well and they should be hard to break down. But he won’t get much wriggle room. If he plays a pragmatic style and they aren’t winning they’ll get on his back for playing ■■■■ football. I wish him good luck (except in the derbies) and hope he does well, because he’s a very good manager.

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