EPL 2017/18 Thread


Wow I thought the Ronaldo drama was good.

But this Donnarumma stuff is top shelf.


Pool supposedly finalising salah tomorrow or tonight


Literally anyone who has had anything to do with Milan ever is coming out and giving a quote about it :joy:


Legit hero to zero in 2 days.


This transfer period is gonna be absolute la la land.

journos are throwing up ronaldo and morata for like 200m and de gea.

Veratti has told PSG hes not going back to Paris.

Donnarumma drama.

Absolute bonkers money for monaco players.

Redbull rejecting everything for their players at leipzig.


I did LOL pretty hard when I read that.

How easy it must be to be a journo in Europe these days, almost as easy as being a journo in Australia.


Reckon Dani Alves he heading to the EPL too.


I don't believe it but...


There is. No way ronaldo is leaving back to us. He is just angling for more money from real


Gonna come out of it with 150k a week extra.


€150 million for one player is insanity. Particularly a 32 year old. The absolute bastards in me wants to see it happen only for him to do his knee in the first training session.


While I think its no chance to happen, Ronaldo is a marketers dream, the money brains would make that spending back very quickly.


Can see him heading to the Tractor Boys.

Not really!


Modric under investigation for perjury.







Costa heading to Juve it looks like


Tottenham Hotspur have ended their relationship with StubHub. The club will now handle ticket returns and resales in house for face value.



Is Darmian still in Man Utd plans? would love him at Juve