EPL 2017/18 Thread


Dixie Dean scored 60 top flight goals in a season for Everton. That’s a record that ain’t gonna be broken in a hurry.


Kane was also a spurs can growing up, doubt he will leave


True, and the ones that have moved away from England have normally struggled. The only 2 that come to mind that did well we’re Becks and Hargreaves.

I think Madrid is probably the only team that could maybe pry Kane away from Madrid. He loves Spurs too much to go to another English club.

The guy is a massive talent, please just do it at the WC, PLEASE!


He could win the golden boot at a WC and England would still get knocked out via penalty shootout. He should just retire from international football and concentrate on club career.


He won’t play for another EPL club I agree but if his ambition is to win trophies he needs to move abroad


Liverpool have finally signed Virgil Van Dijk for a world record £75 Million. He will join the squad January 1. Why this couldn’t have been done in the July-August window I don’t know, but finally we get our man. Big fee, hopefully he can justify it!


Big money but realistically this is the equivalent of 30m a couple of years ago.


When did Silvagni take over the Liverpool recruiting job?
Keeps going back to the Soton well, let’s hope he turns out like the other rejects from there


£75 Million is no guarantee of getting a quality player. Just look at Lukaku. Although being a striker managed by Mourinho is a career-limiting move given the turgid football his teams play. In all, VVD is better than Lovren, so that is a massive plus to me. If he comes in and does the job Klopp wants from him then he’s worth the money.


You can’t judge VVD on his performances this season. He got the sulks and didn’t want to be at Southampton. His performances showed this. Fingers crossed he remembers how to play.


4 trade periods in the making?


You forget Trevor Francis at Fiorentina. The English guys who successfully play abroad are technically gifted. Kane fulls into this category.


You’ve got to work out what motivates particular players. Kane is probably getting paid a lot more money than he can spend, and just maybe he’d prefer to stay at home and play for Spurs.

Remembering when Shearer was playing at Blackburn and United wanted him, it was just assumed he’d go there for the trophies, and he just said he wanted to go home and play for the Toon.

Some players are purely mercenary and/or trophy-hunters, and others are not.


Spurs are in the same boat as us. They need to start winning trophies otherwise their best players will go to the bigger clubs, especially if they aren’t getting paid what they’re worth. I will be stunned if Phil is with us beyond this season. I don’t think he will go in January, but he’s been with us 5 years come January and not won a trophy. I think we are on the cusp of good things but time is running out if we are to convince players like him to stick around. Kane maybe doesn’t want to play abroad, but I highly doubt he will be content stay at Spurs if they continue to finish between 2nd-6th and not win any of the Cup competitions. Eventually he will want to test himself at a bigger club.


Coutinho is an import. Kane is a Spurs-supporting Londoner. Big difference. If you’d talked about Scousers like Gerrard or some other Liverpool legends, you’d make a better point.

And that doesn’t mean


I’m not going to lie I have seen very little of van djirk play,75mil seems a lot but as smooth I think said 75 is the new 30mil. Transfer prices are just insane now, and big clubs are always asked to pay more than mid table clubs.

I am a little confused why Liverpool didn’t just buy him in the summer for that sort of coin

Liverpool’s biggest weakness is at the back, if he can strengthen them back there he will be worth every cent


We have had a few local players leave us. It depends on their ambition. This is 15-20 years ago, but Steve McManaman, a Scouser, let his contract run down and left us for Real Madrid. Michael Owen (not Scouse but came up through the youth ranks) left for Real as well with a year left. Frank Lampard left West Ham, the club his father played at, for Chelsea. Not saying Kane is a dead cert to leave but if a Real Madrid or a Chelsea or a Juve came in for him and offered treble his wages, his loyalty would be tested. If he stayed fair play, but if another 12-18 months pass, he’s at the peak of his powers and Spurs are no closer to winning a PL title or not winning any other trophies…


Anyone winning silverware will be able to do it.


He wouldn’t go to Arsenal, Chelsea or Man City.

He’s English and wouldn’t be able to communicate with his teammates.


Tight 2-1 win against Leicester at Anfield. Trailing at HT thanks to an early Vardy goal, our Lord and saviour aka Mo Salah struck a brace to turn it around. Massive result, then we have Burnley in 48 hours at Turf Moor.

Chelsea thump Stoke 5-0, surely that has to be it for Mark Hughes?