EPL 2017/18 Thread


I want to have Mo Salah’s babies!! An absolute steal at £30M.


23 in 29 games for the King of Egypt. 17 in 17 in the PL. Phenomenal.


Stayed up all night to see that crap dished up. Players looked totally disinterested and not up for a fight. The next few months will decide on several players fate aswell as Mourinho’s. Failure to finish top 4 will see the end of him


Get prepared for the wheels to well and truly fall off.

Absolutely pathetic what they dished up this morning, we are farking cancerous in front of goal at the moment.

Rashford and Lingard should be shot for their misses.

Looks as if Mourinho is losing the dressing room, apparently had an “altercation” with Lukaku not that long ago.

The last 3 results for us have been nothing short of a joke.


Any reason Zlatan wasn’t on the bench. Surely he was the best option to come on and win the match. Is he still not 100% fit?


Out for a month


Intentional “blunder”???


Not sure why we would sell him in January. He won’t be able to play Champsions League and any cash we get from his sale would be more than offset by finishing top 4 again. Also his place in the team at Barca is nowhere near as clear cut as it is at Anfield.

However given Barca are so desperate to make this happen they are likely to make it happen by paying crazy money.


Lol - last time they offered us 100 million over 5 years as they cried poor; if it’s another disgraceful offer like this again from one of the richest clubs in the world, they can ggf.


Barcas finances are ■■■■■■.


If they’re that bad, then they shouldn’t be throwing money around. I can guarantee if the shoe was on the other foot and we made the offers that they made, they would be laughing in our faces.


For sure, but they have no structure to their finances.

if you want your club to model itself on anyone, its not them.


Quicker than normal. Usually it’s Jose’s third year that the implosion occurs. Who says you can’t improve yourself?


I hate Man Utd more than anyone and love sinking boots into moaninho. Tbf though I think I read somwhere he had more points than any of the league winning Ferguson sides at this same stage - just goes to show how well City are going.


There is no stopping City. Up until a few weeks ago I thought we were on the right track but the last couple of results have been disgraceful and it appears he has lost some of the players. Need a big shake up.


This is not a thread for facts. Black Kavanagh clearly doesn’t want to hear it, otherwise Rashford and Lukaku might be spared a bullet.


Can’t blame lukaku as he had a genuine reason for going missing this time lol


We are playing ok, but we are not clinical enough in front of goal. Each week we miss 2 or 3 clear cut chances.

Jose is doing a great job imo. Best we have looked since the fergie era.


I’m still favouring the Moyes experiment! It warms my heart everytime Fellani gets on the pitch to remain me of it!


Under Jose Fellani has played well. He is always prone to errors but under Jose, he seems to have kept those largely under control