EPL 2017/18 Thread


I don’t know where you got that from, but according to Business Insider (and the Daily Mail, for what that’s worth), both Guardiaola and Mourinho are paid a lot more than Wenger. Business Insider puts Wenger on £7.5 m and both Guardiaola and Mourinho on £15m.


Yeah, I probably read that a year or two ago so that makes sense.

Still doesn’t change how Wenger runs the club. He refuses to accept that you have to spend money and I believe he’s more interested in his own interests. The guy is a sociopath.

The sooner we are rid of him and the owners the sooner we can start building the club again.


He’s French, so of course he’s a sociopath.


Right. So he should spend money that he doesn’t have.

He’s in the wrong job. He should be Prime Minister of this country. Pretty much any country, actually.


Merde alors! Va te faire foutre!


If you believe the reports then the two owners of Arsenal have a combined worth US$22 billion which dwarfs all but the owners of Man City.

The only reason Wenger can’t spend it is because it’s not being made available to him and his own stubborn/outdated philosophy on not needing to spend big to win titles.

For the past 13 years he hasn’t delivered on that philosophy and hasn’t looked close.


Très harsh, mangeur de grenouilles!


The thread has turned full circle if Wenger is called a sociopath - As I’ve pointed out to Man U supporters it’s not just about having money - Players pick and choose their desired teams and you can’t have them all.


no one cares yaco.


Palace and West Ham both coming from behind to win 2-1 against fellow relegation battlers Southampton and West Brom respectively. Andy Carroll scoring a brace, including the winner deep into injury time.


Wolves now 12 points clear and will replace West Brom at year end… Sweet.


Another controversial penalty awarded against Arsenal


Very entertaining game at the Emirates


Cancelled out Wilshire’s dive


Great result for the rest of the top 4 chasers. Did Morata miss some chances? Both sides could have won, but the draw was a fair enough result.


Wilsheres dive?


Morata should have scored twice.

Same can be said of some Arsenal chances.

I think the result was a fair representation in the end but if penalty’s like that are called every game then we will have cricket scores.


Love listening to Arsene Whinger after a match like that. His arrogance is remarkable. Please sign another 2-year deal!


He thinks he’s bigger than the game


Wilshere was already on a yellow and he dived just outside the box not long before he scored. The ref waved play on but it’s surely either a free kick if contact was made or a second yellow for diving. Was a blatant dive and he should of been off. Made it worse that he scored shortly after