EPL 2017/18 Thread


Palace have held Man City scoreless after an hour. Could they actually take points off them?


Palace have a 91st minute penalty saved


Soft penalty but they Palace should have taken all three points.

Also looks like De Bruyne might have picked up a serious injury from a horrible tackle when on the counter attack from the missed pen. Jesus also off injured early. Maybe just the slightest of dints in the City hold on the league.


No one is catching City. They could roll out their reserve side for the remainder of the season and still win by double digit points


Rubbish penalty with 2 minutes to go gives the Baggies the equalizer. I’ve been a big supporter of Wenger over the years, but either he has to go, or the owners need to start putting up the dollars required to compete at this level. Arsenal are slowly but surely sliding into mediocrity.


It’s unlike Black kavanagh to make the world’s biggest and most ridiculous over exaggeration in the history of time, when it comes to sports.


They’ve finished 3rd-4th-4th-3rd-2nd-5th and currently a few wins clear in 5th.

They’re not winning a title unless they get a big investor, but I don’t think Wenger is holding them back.
If a rash of players started wanting out, you’d make the call. As it is I think it’s better to hold ground than go through what Tottenham, Man U or Liverpool have been through in the past 3-4 years, chopping and changing, up and down, never getting much closer to the chocolates. If the finances can’t stretch to a few more players now, sacking 2 or 3 managers and dropping down thr ladder won’t help.


Alexis and Ozil say hi…


Haven’t left yet. If either leave he will be in trouble, if both and he’ll be gone


Alexis to City most probably. Like they need anymore class lol


Wenger aint going anywhere.

I can see him being there for another 5 years just to ■■■■ off us poor Arsenal suppoters.


Well if you’ve entered the last 6 months of your contract and are yet to sign, you’re one foot out the door aren’t you? That’s Arsenal’s 2 best players, walking out the door on a Bosman. In today’s market how much will it cost to replace them? And if they don’t qualify for the CL, who will want to sign for them? Alexis for City and Ozil apparently to Man U is the popular mail doing the rounds.


I think Ozil will stay


That doesn’t really make sense. You’re right about the lack of funds for the best players, but that means that Wenger is actually doing a great job. Year after year he gets them either into the Champions League or missing it by a whisker.

Assuming the owner of the club is going to continue to hold back the money, who in the world would do better than Wenger on that limited budget? Especially considering that the same owner would not want to pay top dollar for Wenger’s replacement.


Wenger is the highest paid manager in the league and is not going to take Arsenal to anything more than a FA Cup.

As long as he’s there then the focus is taken off the inept owners we have and our club can’t adapt to how the league is now run.

I would prefer to sack Wenger now even if it means falling into further mediocrity in the hope that the owners sell up to somebody with more ambition.

The current owners are running the side like a business not a competitive team.


Wenger has a habit of paying kids that will never play firsts, rather large wages. He is a bit of a socialist in that sense. If he left, there would likely be a rather pronounced redistribution of funding through the team, resulting in more money to pay quality players the wages they are after, rather than paying Joe from Bogtown-on-Tyne ridiculous amounts when he is a 17yo who will never fulfill a need at the club.


Another late equaliser conceded at Burnley, but Ragnar Klavan scores in the 95th minute to secure a 2-1 away win. Get in!!


Finally win a game after dominating and having a million chances


The Bitters already complaining about Big Sam and the fact he plays ■■■■ football. What else do you expect?


Really happy to get the 3 points at Everton. Thought for sure we would drop more points with the injuries and our bad form. Dominated the game and got the win. Much much better