EPL 2017/18 Thread


Well that certainly improved the weekend.


Winning without Kane at a place where you have struggled is HUGE! Congrats Sammy + Fog.


Kane played. But thanks.


I heard a report that said he didn’t. Ah well he came on when it was 3-1. My point stands 3-1 without him scoring is pretty handy. I listened to a bit of it. Fell asleep just after Morata scored.


Yep he came on when it was done and dusted.
I was shocked when I heard he was on the bench because I thought he was weeks away.
Hopefully he gets back up and firing before the FA Cup semi in a couple of weeks.




Pards gone. It’s a sad day every time he gets sacked.

Can wait to see which ■■■■■ team he bobs up with next.


which secretaries he goes chasing too


Well Arsenal may be looking for a manager in the near future. But surely we have suffered enough?!


Chris Smalling is easily the worst centre half in the league.

2-0 down after half an hour without even firing a shot or even trying to move the ball forward.

■■■■ weak from the players AGAIN.


Pogba, Pogba, Smalling!!! 3-2 United!! Footballs greatest ever manager has conceded 6 in a week!!!


■■■■■■■ lol


Was at a wedding yesterday so only catching up with the scores now, although I knew the Merseyside derby was a boring scoreless draw. Wow City cruising then what happened? Any subs change the game or was it just a difference in approach? Not that it will make any difference to where the title is headed but any Derby win is to be savoured!




We didn’t show up for the first half and really should have been 4 or 5 down as Sterling and Gundogan missed pretty easy chances before the break. Must have copped a bake from Mourinho as the second half we showed plenty of intent and had about 20 minutes of a purple patch where City self destructed and looked like a rabble. After hitting the lead we warmed up the bus and City peppered us for the final 20 minutes


Eat a massive bag of them pep


So good to see Pog stick it right up the critics and City in the second half.

Sanchez was sublime in the second half as well and was unlucky to be taken off.




Was the wedding in Nth Melbourne?


Nah in Lancefield.