EPL 2017/18 Thread


I think he was marginally offside, maybe only an inch but that’s enough. As long as it’s consistent that’s fine by me. The bigger concern for me was the ref blowing his whistle immediately before Son put the ball in the net which then caused the Swansea keeper to stop. If the VAR had concluded Son was onside they surely couldn’t of counted the goal as the keeper had stopped. I’d rather the ref and linesman stay out of it and just review all goals


I despise VAR

Goal line technology I’m all for.

VAR is completely flawed


I think the fundamental issue with VAR and referees in general is they’re ‘taught’ different to what regular people see the rules as.

look at the nba dummy spit by the refs. you can only comment on their calls if you’ve had the training they’ve had? but super stars can travel like 10 metres between bounces… cmon buh

soccer? its not a handball if its unintentional and the arms in a ‘natural position’?

wtf even is that ■■■■?


Handball is not explicit. There are some factors. Firstly was it a deliberate act by the defender? Was the incident “hand to ball” or “ball to hand”? Or, were the hands/arms in a “natural” position? So if your arms are by your side it is OK, but if your arms are outstretched, in an “unnatural” position, regardless off ball to hand or hand to ball, it is a foul.


just make it ‘did it touch a players hand?’


Remember the 2010 World Cup when Kewell was given a straight red for handball. He had his arms by his side in a “natural” position, however because he had to move his body, it was judged as a deliberate act. Because he was on the goal line stopping a shot, it was considered a goal scoring opportunity, so therefore he got sent off. Highly controversial because there was some doubt in terms of it being deliberate…


Yep remember it well. There really wasn’t anything he could do.


FA Cup Semi Finals

United v Spurs
Chelsea v Soton




That was a disgraceful decision. His hands never moved from his side at all.he stood straight on, he never even turned to the ball with his arms even motioning to that direction.

VAR is a joke. Plain and simple. Half the refs are incompetent at their jobs anyway, and these are the same refs that are consulting the VAR to have another look



Another Mo Salah strikes sees Liverpool win late on against Palace at Selhurst Park 2-1. Sadio Mane lucky to stay on the pitch after a deliberate handball (picked up the ball thinking he was fouled but wasn’t) after earlier picking up a booking for diving. Massive 3 points despite not playing well.


Mane should have been sent off. I hate when players do what he did. It puts the referee in a position to award the free, even when there is no contact. Mo Salah has scored more goals this season than the bottom 7 teams combined. Absolute freak!! As it stands, 10 points ahead of Chelsea in 5th.


We are 2-0 up against swansea. Lukakku and Sanchez the scorers


What happened in the 2nd half? Fell asleep but we were all over them. Disappointing not to get some more goals.


Couple of decent chances early in the half but both sides shut shop pretty much and the last 20 minutes was pretty non eventful


West Ham spanked Southampton 3-0 at the London Stadium. Mario and Arnie (2) with the goals. Saints look doomed. I think we might’ve bought one too many players from them…




but seriously, soton should’ve bought salah and then they’d be top 4. pretty simple really.


28 years is a long time.
Eriksen goal is a pearler.