EPL 2017/18 Thread


doesn’t drogba have one of the worst penalty conversion rates too? while lampard has only missed like 2 in his whole career while being the main man for chelsea?


Probably a bonus for reaching a target


Yeah, Lampard was the designated penalty taker for Chelsea at the time.


I hear Lampard appealed to the FA to have him take it.


Wasn’t it Craig Johnstone, a Liverpool player, who rushed to get a toe to Ian Rush’s shot as it rolled across an unguarded line in an FA Cup final in the 80’s? Then carried on like a pork chop…on his own…while all his teammates went to Rush.

But Liverpool players would never stoop to levels like that.


He actually touched the ball though, so therefore he is entitled to celebrate. Kane didn’t. Quality player but clearly a very selfish one. To actually go down the appeals path to take a goal off his teammate says it all. Class act…


A selfish striker?

Perish the thought😄


I’m surprised Harry is going down this path but he is hardly on his lonesome if he has a selfish streak to him.
A truckload of top flight footballers (strikers) would definitely lean on being a little selfish.
To be honest when he plays and I watch them weekly I can’t remember him blazing away at goals instead of passing the ball to a team mate in a better position.
He is good at setting guys up in better positions.
Probably has had a few pot shots from long range at times but no more than anyone else.


The immediacy of Kane’s reaction convinced me that he felt it touch some part of his body. I suspect it was just his hair.


Its the foible of being a top striker, you take the good with the bad, the banging in goals with a hell of an ego.

because if you don’t have that ego you’d never walk out on the pitch.


Chelsea just rattled off 3 in 10 mins!



Can’t wait to hang out in this thread :smile:

Thanks to Fosun and Mendes and hoping for big things this time around. A few EPL clubs are already worried about the relationship but it’s been great for us to date!


Congratulations but who’s left to post in EFL thread now lol.


Some Ipswich supporter LOL… (Sorry bugman I think)


HAP - Boro?


Can we seen the toons back?


Hope not


DDG, I don’t watch other any other top leagues besides EPL. Surely he would be in the discussion for best GK in Europe


Was only a formality but would would have been nice to atleast not give them the title by losing to the bottom side at OT


Up the toon :heart_eyes: we have been on fire since january