EPL 2017/18 Thread


Pretty insipid performance at home but all too familiar unfortunately.


Rafa has done an unbelievable job with Newcastle. I think net spend was £19 Million in the summer, so to get a newly promoted team to safety with such little expenditure on the squad is a great achievement. They are well organised and defend well, which are the hallmark of a Benitez team.


he’s guided a championship squad to safety.



Yep. Now hopefully Ashley sells up as he wanted to see if we we’re safe from relegation,he will demand a little bit more but stevley is keen to pay it. Otherwise Benitez wont be our coach next season.


There is great potential at Newcastle. It is a big club with a fantastic set of supporters who fill St James Park every home game. Rafa is the best manager they could hope for, but he won’t stay if things don’t change. I think he can turn Newcastle into a club that can play in Europe if he gets the right investment from the owners.


Newcastle fans are so happy that they are even turning up for Sunderland home games to gloat :laughing:


Yep haha well Sunderland hired that plane that flew over st james park saying enjoy the championship… oh how 2 years later and they’re going to league one :joy:


LOL, now THAT is how you troll


So has it been confirmed that Kane was awarded the 3 goals Spurs conceded against City or are the official awarding committee still to met?


No but they have confirmed the three he smashed past Liverpool this season will definitely stand.




No salty


just add sugar to those tomatoes


Can’t wait for the DVD.


The soft ■■■■ stuff from Wolves in your DVD collection must of become longtime tiresome.

Stick to Italy mate - now there’s a DVD collection one can admire.


Can this season just finish already, one of the worst in memory following a club and as a neutral.

Title over by December, top 4 over with still 5 or 6 games left. Only thing left is the relegation.

Gash season.


If we lose to United on Sunday morning in the FA Cup semi then I’m totally with you.


Just the epl season, champions league and fa cup have been pretty good.


The Champs League has been highly entertaining.