EPL 2017/18 Thread


Going to bed.
Too good United.

Dissapointed but after all these years am used to it.


What a win!
Spurs gifted a home semi and we still get the job done


Apparently was sacked?



That’s funny. Last season it was the Wembley curse and everyone rubbished our performances there. Then we win a few games and it’s suddenly a home advantage when we play there.


I really need to stop betting on spurs winning in cup competitions, fk me.




Always great to beat Tottenham.

They didn’t get a look in at all after the first goal.

Simply out worked them across the pitch.

Well done United.


In total agreement there.
Reckon Harry and even the commentators were saying has come back too early from the injury.

Anyway congrats - like I said you guys deserved it.


Sunderland is just the 3rd team in history to be relegated in consecutive seasons. Enjoy League 1 you ■■■■■!


Finally an early evening fixture for west ham, wonder what shower of sh-t they’ll serve up this time.

Only chance we’ve got is a Moyes defensive special for a nil all draw where they’ll have 80% posession.

Only way we’re scoring tonight is through that salami Carrol bullying Arsenals defence.


Everton are boring as ■■■■. At least West Ham are entertaining enough to watch no matter how bad they are.


everton remind me of pool the year after suarez, so much money to bolster the side, and don’t really do anything with it.


Where are Portsmouth these days? Aren’t they lower than the championship now?

Amazing how some clubs just go into free fall once they get relegated


Third? I’d have thought the number would’ve been much higher than that.


I think its a stat from the premier league era (so 80 something).


That’s how I understood it.


Yes, since the EPL was formed. Wolves and Swindon were the only two others to be previously relegated in consecutive years from EPL to League 1


They are in League 1, in the top 10 but won’t make playoffs.
A couple of years ago they were in League 2 and on the verge of dropping out of the football league until they won 5 of their last 6.
Their issues were ownership and the fact that twice they were declared insolvent and deducted massive points which saw them relegated


I think Northampton Town went from 4th to 1st and back to 4th again in 7 or 8 years.

Not even sure they’re still in the league. I do remember George Best scoring 6 against them.


Yeah they are still in League 1 atleast for another week as they are in the drop zone and look like they won’t stay up