EPL 2023/24

Spurs 2-2

11 minute stoppage time in the first half! :astonished:

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Ends 2-2. Spurs controlled the ball but couldn’t break through. Ange will be pleased with the control and better defence that half.

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Dominant second half by spurs but finished 2-2.

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Bissouma really impressed.

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Maddison very good too.

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Spurs will be my second team now with Ang, possibly a nice distraction as I’m fearing for the coming season for Wolves.


If Spurs hold faith in Ange I think he can deliver for them.

Liverpool share the points with Chelsea at Stamford Bridge. The need for a holding midfielder is so evident, wide open on transition. Thankfully Alisson was on top form to get us a point. The Luis Diaz goal, and the assist from Salah, was a thing of beauty.


Im happy with a point and one of the tough away trips out of the way nice and early


JWP to the Irons. It’s a bloody nice signing @tassiehammer


and Jesse Lingard has been training with West Ham. Opinions on the possibility of a short term contract appear to be divided. One could almost say Blitz-esque.

Moyes loves him😍

Geez we look even worse than I thought we would. This is utterly putrid but Varane has finally given us a lead

How have wolves not scored?

Couldn’t watch at work, sounds like rinse repeat same old Utd.

Wolves should have scored 3 or 4 and that was a stonewall pen to them at the death.

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Man-ches-TOR needed this non-call to hang onto all 3 points. Shambolic.

Clear penalty.

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I’d take him. It was pretty frustrating watching him go to Forest after a good season with us but he’s still a quality player (for a team outside the top 5-6)

One of those games you take the three points and run. We’re traditionally slow starters so not too worried. Wolves have always been a bogey team for us no matter the coach. Probably should of been a penalty too but no doubt there will be decisions that don’t go our way during the season. Won’t see the haters complaining then.

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The worst win I had seen this year was is over West Coast but United have set the low tide mark now. That was utterly disgusting and little wonder sections of the crowd gave them stick at the final whistle.
Opening game of the season at home and you allow yourselves to be dominated by a side that will be in relegation discussions. The amount of times Wolves sliced us open at the back was just amateur hour stuff and they should have easily scored 3 goals whilst we offered very little going the other way. And yes that penalty was as clear cut as you will see and VAR official should be stood down. Yes, we took the 3 points but you wouldn’t want to put up too many displays like that