EPL 2023/24

Clearly they went there to not lose rather than win. Take a point but see if they can nick something on the break or from a set piece. Jesus had some chances 1st half which he snatched at and that was basically it.

Jesus doesn’t like crosses this time of year so his chances were limited


Trossard had Martinelli unmarked on a counter just before extra time which would’ve put him 1v1 with keeper.

Take the point and being the first team to hold to city at home for about a year and a half.

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I’d like to congratulate Liverpool on this years title

The Man United 1st team paid a visit to a local orphanage over Easter
" I felt so sorry for them, they looked lost and with no hope"
Said Ben a 6 yo resident.


Some mid-week games lower down the EPL table this evening in Blighty… and of them, there’s a standout match going on.

HT score … Forest 3 Fulham 0

Morgan Gibbs-White is a star. That’s all I’ll say.
He’s been excellent so far…

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Newcastle 2-0 ahead of Everton. The Ev have a very important week with the announcement of the result into their alleged 2nd breach of the PSR days away. Another points deduction could be a hammer blow to them staying up.

EDIT: 2nd goal disallowed, so it’s 1-0 to the Geordies.

3-1 with the bus parked in a low block for the final 25 minutes. Origi and Yates both half chances to have made it 4-1.

That match sums up our frustration this season. We CAN compete with pretty much any opposition, but too often this year we play inept periods that hands points back to sometimes very unworthy opponents. On talent, even with the Profitability penalty nonsense , we should be mid table , not in a relegation struggle. Some refereeing issues haven’t helped either.

If we do go back down, there are quite a few players who will be highly sought after by other clubs.


Job done for the Gunners this morning with a chance to rest and get W v Luton.

City comprehensively smash a weak Villa side.

Liverpool return to the top with a 3-1 win against Sheffield Utd at Anfield. Complete domination in terms of possession but the Reds had to rely on late goals from Mac Allister and Gakpo to secure all 3 points after a Connor Bradley own goal cancelled out Nunez’s opener.

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Comfy in the end but bit nerve racking until Macca’s goal.

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United hit the lead after conceding 2 early goals to the rent boys

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Got to be ■■■■■■■ kidding…

Of course we concede a pen in the 100th minute
Farken muppets


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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

“Mason Mount, he left ‘cos you’re ■■■■!” sung the Mancs. Nek Minnit! :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


If that’s an omen for the sporting weekend then I’ll take up stamp collecting or something else.


Real Dan Houston goal from 55m after the siren vibes about it