Essendon Captain 2023, who do you think it will be?

Sorry guys, I tried to move my second version of the poll up and only succeeded in stuffing up the original, my apologies, please vote again below if you haven’t already.

Other set for a monster year of toin cossing.



I assume that everyone voting for “other,” means VOSS to be announced as captain prior to his debut.


Merrett and Redman co captains.


A bit of a glaring error, I meant to include McGrath, but somehow that disappeared (and you can’t edit poll’s after 5 minutes…)

  • Hepps
  • Zerrett
  • Pidge
  • Red Dog
  • The Langford
  • 2MP
  • Drapes
  • Other

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Added in a couple of others who have got mentions elsewhere…

Harley Reid


Our leadership candidates are terrible!


Dylan Shiel.

Is this who we want, or who we think it will be? Those are very different questions.


langford FMD


not necesarily.
on field leadership is dictated to by the coach. they set the standard and the captain is there to implement the coaches direction.

a change of course from worsfold and ruttens softly softly let them just be happy vibe, to hopefully a scott vibe will see a change of all round leadership.

considering scotts way of doing things (or perceived way of doing things) there’s only one person who’s exhibited the same level of professionalism across the majority of his career to date, and drive and desire to want to get a premiership.

guess we will find out soon If they think he is cuddly enough and their “mate” enough to follow his and scotts lead. or will they think he’s to crazy and driven like goddard and consider it a bad thing cos their lil hands aren’t being held, by she’ll be right heppell.

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Good point, I have adjusted the name of the thread to reflect the latter.

I agree with the gist of @darkknightpheonix response, it is hard to be a good captain without a clear direction from the top.

Hopefully we have that at last, and unfortunately for Dyson, we are now at a point where we need a fresh start.

My thoughts:

  1. Zerrett is potentially the person to set the standards by example.

  2. McGrath is potentially the best communicator and might be able to martial the backline in a crisis (which means his change to the backline is a point in favour of his captaincy) but he may benefit from a season to gel his relationship with his fellow backs before becoming the leader.

  3. Red Dog is potentially the tenacious inspirational leader to lead us into battle, but it may be a season too early, with him needing a little more time to establish his credentials.

I think Red Dog is potentially the most charismatic and no bullshit leader of the lot.

He’s 25, so not a kid, but I remember Jobe said he missed having Lloyd around when he took over as captain (at 25 too) after Lloyd retired so maybe Red Dog as captain with Heppell around as a support (not captain) would be a good thing.


Just please not Merrett, great player, but god no.

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I can see something like this

Merrett on the right, Redman on the left.
Merrett is sort of like upper management and Redman the foreman.
I don’t think they can risk Heppell again
as the chances of him sliding out of the 22 are very real.

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Merrett looking hot


This thread has taken a ■■■■■■■ weird twist.


Did Scott ever go with co-captains at North?

I wouldn’t be surprised to see us go with say Merrett & McGrath as co-captains, with Redman as Vice.

Might leave us with too many chiefs though if Heppell is still being viewed as the unofficial captain by some players.


2009–2011 Brent Harvey
2012–2016 Andrew Swallow
2017– Jack Ziebell[1]

I think Scott will make his own decision, and that will be it.

I think it will be good to have him being decisive and not having all the players responsible for it.

It could even be Shiel in the short term, with a McGrath or a Redman in the next year or two.