Essendon Captain 2023, who do you think it will be?

Merrett Redman is the perfect combination.

Merrett has the football brain and speaks well and is seen AFL wide as our best player.

Reddog has about the right amount of ■■■■■ and his training standards are high.


I can’t believe discourse censors spunnk…


Again no mention of Parish


I think Scott’s appointment of Jack Ziebell as the last captain he appointed, might speak to Redman as being a possible choice, given Ziebell never won their B&F and has a ferocious style of play. I think it is mainly a matter of if he thinks he is ready.

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Are you in the right thread @Paul_Peoffed ?

Can anyone’s training standards truly be considered ‘high’ if they have spent their whole career training at Essendon?


Might be something to do with this:

Goddard tried to put a positive spin on it, but did say Darcy, while a strong player, is introverted and doesn’t normally speak out like this.

If you are an introvert, and only get animated when you are totally frustrated, it probably isn’t a great captaincy trait.

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He’s definitely an inspirational player, but, from the outside, he doesn’t appear to have any leadership aspirations. Never seen him call a huddle, poring over the whiteboard, or any of the expected leadership ‘optics’. He seems to have a no fuss attitude and, like it or not, there’s a degree of fussing that goes with being captain.

Agree, though. His on field exploits mean that he should at least be in the discussion.

Anyone bold enough to ask if he’s interested when next getting a jumper signed? Perhaps an indirect way of asking is to see if he has any interest in coaching post career.

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I liked Redman’s press conference. He speaks well. Make him captain please.

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I’m happy with Merrett or Redman

Please no to McGrath. He needs to purely concentrate on his own game



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Draper … next year ! Could be the next Max Gawn ! He is already the spiritual leader

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I find this an interesting idea. It might be a disaster. Or, it might make a wayward talent grow up, take responsibility and inspire the group with his transformation. Risk of alienating other players a major risk.

I wouldn’t be brave enough to do it. But it’s an interesting thought exercise.

Stringer could be a great leader, but he would need to change.
He has the presence and demeanour to command respect and be followed.

Unfortunately he appears to lack some professional discipline and is injury prone maybe due to some of that lack of discipline. If he could totally get his ■■■■ together, he could be a great leader.

But the obvious choice is Zac.

Didn’t end well for the Targaryens. Felt like Drogon didn’t really have Danaerys’ back.

Personally I think it’s Zac’s time. My slight reservation is the way he negotiated as if the club had to come up to his standard. But like dkp I want a higher commitment rather than a feel good vibe.

Keep Hepp around, encourage Drapes and Red Dog and let’s go!

Would love to see him in the leadership group.

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Because he’d be a legit chance to replicate a Darius Boyd like interview most weeks I reckon.


Who cares who the captain is, just get good at football.


No wonder Wayne Bennett loved him

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