Essendon could be the end of Blitz

Hello Blitz,

I haven’t posted regularly for over 2 years, and I haven’t watched a second of AFL this year.

At some point I felt a loser organisation like Essendon – inside of an even bigger loser organisation called AFL – doesn’t get to effect my emotional state.

And to be honest I’ve never been happier.

Two things happened in the last year

  • I finally upgraded the server so it doesn’t suck
  • The bottom fell out of the online ad market

So I started doing the numbers and it turns out I’m personally subsidising Blitz’ existence. The ad revenue doesn’t cover the server cost. When I was active in the community I didn’t really mind that, there’s probably been plenty of times in the past where this has been true before too.

(There’s also been times like The Sorry Saga when ad revenue more than covered server costs, but this hasn’t been true in awhile).

I’ve looked at moving the server but there’s no really good options. And it’s unlikely I could find one cheaper that would be any good anyway.

The difference between server cost and ad revenue fluctuates month to month. In April it was a small profit, but in the four months of this year it’s a net loss.

So there’s three options

  1. I ask Blitz for money
  2. Someone else owns Blitz
  3. Blitz shuts down after 20 years

I really don’t want to ask Blitz for money. Makes me sick that Essendon asks you for money already. I don’t think they deserve your time or attention. And considering the players who left last year, turns out you can’t even pay some people to be interested in Essendon.

I’ve floated the idea of someone else owning Blitz and had a few replies but really I don’t want to hand it off to just anyone. And whoever does own it needs to have a degree of technical competence should anything go down. Blitz is too big for a technical amateur to administer but too small to self-fund technical help.

And as I’m making clear now with this post – owning it costs money, unless you as a new owner decided to fundraise somehow.

Closing Blitz down is the last thing in the world I want to do, because it’s been an excellent community over these 20 years.

Anyway, I don’t know what’s next. If enough people felt so motivated to keep things as they are and donate to Blitz, I don’t mind just being responsible for the server staying online.

Or if someone truly wants to take complete ownership of the site I’m open to have that discussion too.

I just don’t want to foot the bill personally for much longer.


How much do you need each month for you to keep it going ? I am not interested in ownership but happy to subsidise.


So we should all whitelist Blitz on our ad-blockers…

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Dumb question
Do the ad-blockers and also those who don’t see the ads because they donated to the player sponsors affect the amount of ad revenue we get?

yes and yes

I’m more than happy to pitch in considering the insane amount of hours ive spent on here. where can i send some dollarydoos?

Good to hear from you Riolio. I miss your podcast with Ben


Then can we at least remove those (including me) who donated to a player sponsor once so we see the ads?

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Yeh turn on the adds for everyone if that can bring in more add revenue.


Add a ‘donator’ tag like the ‘elite’ ‘sponsor’ etc tags for donators

gate it behind maybe $25 minimum cumulative donation or something


The blitz ads are the best part!!!
Yoga pants, ear wax, erectile dysfunction, fark carlton memorabilia, one simple trick that casinos HATE (but it’s legal),

You guys gotta dump the ad blockers.




Have just turned off my add blocker for blitz. What should we do about donations?

EFC can go before this website. We are staying!


Ask the club to pay. They owe us after all the ■■■■ we have had to put up with!


Happy to donate.


So we haven’t won a premiership since blitz has been operating?


I’d be happy to donate.

Cool, Frosty will pay to keep it running.

All hail frosty…very generous!


Hi Riolio,

Can you post the server requirements as it stands now?

Is it hosted on a managed VPS?

Happy to donate at a minimum.

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I for one welcome our new frosty overlord

It sounded better in my head