Essendon future discussion with Robert Shaw on Lunchtime Catch Up Podcast

Robert Shaw joins us on the Lunchtime Catch Up Podcast for a brilliant chat about Essendon moving forward & areas to focus on for 2019 and off season. Scott & Grant also discuss the big up coming trade period & go through some of the names rumoured & how they could fit at Essendon. HUGE SHOW


Itunes link also up soon

Great show boys, looking forward to next year.

Cheers. Will do another around trade week and draft also in the near future

‪Here is the Itunes link for our brilliant chat with Robert Shaw on Essendon 2019. ‬
‪We also cover the up coming trade period and go through some of the names reported. Big show​:black_circle:️:red_circle::grinning:


So…Shield and Settlerfield eh?

And where is Ariel Steinberg playing these days? Or is he?

No idea actually. I actually like the idea of Martin and Setterfield… Shiel if available

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I agree…or Scully, but I just can’t see GWS letting Shiel, Setterfield and Scully all go.

If Setterfield is as good as he was projected, and not a potential Gumby, then he and Martin would be a huge injection of class.

I was more mocking the mispronunciations of their names throughout the podcast. It’s what i do.

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Oh yes on one of the breaks i mentioned that too Grant lol . Kept saying Settlerfield

Robert Shaw is a great man isn’t he? Still provides useful intel for the club and is a wealth of knowledge. Great show again by the way! What’s the latest with getting Adrian and/or Rob onto the show?

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Yeh we asked for Dodoro but club wanted trade talk to be quiet this year in the media. Obviously they have a strategy they want inhouse only


No news is good news hey!

Will be an interesting 2-3 weeks

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Nice work as usual :+1:

Any chance you could get Dodo and co on after trade week?

Will try for sure


Terrific interview with Robert Shaw guys… interesting views on developing young players.

Nice one CJ

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Cheers Red

Thanks CJ - great podcast.

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Great podcast. It’s interesting that he praises Francis but still puts a question mark over his fitness.