Essendon Memorabilia

At my parents with my daughters for the night. Dad just pulled out this…but he aint opening it.


We have the football shaped one from ‘93, and the earthenware one from ‘85. Both waiting to be drunk at our next premiership.

(How long do they last?)

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I dunno, but port is a fortified wine. So it should last ok. Problem is, i suspect the cheapest possible port was sourced for these release.

Not for me. I’ve already got a signed framed #5 from a league B&F* long-sleeved premiership captain.

*two out of three seasons! And she was team B&F and ruck-rover for the league team of the year in her debut season too, squeezing out hacks like Mon Conti to the interchange bench.

LOL Norf.

Looking for a buyer if anyone is keen send me DM

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Not exactly memorabilia, but picked this up today. Clearly elevates the outlook!


And the designer kindly left room on the table base for our 2025-27 threepeat and the 2030-31 back to back premierships. Awesome!

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received a signed Essendon Dyson Heppell #21 Guernsey the other day