Essendon Players' Workrate


Maybe just our games to compare.


I’m amazed that you were bored enough to do it even for our 8 games!


That’s Tuesdays for you.


We must rampe up our work rate :thinking:


We should climb more posts. 100% of teams that have climbed a post this year have won.


fair point


If footy becomes a running race I don’t want to watch. I want to watch skilful football players. I can run; I don’t want to pay to watch boring talentless people like me on the field. Show me screamers, long low kicks and headcases going to town on hapless dweebs.


It’s all well to run more or sprint more but it means NOTHING if your skills are deficient or your game plan is flawed.


Our disposal is so good it means players don’t have to cover extra km’s chasing the ball.


When is a sprint effort recorded? I absolutely guarantee I could count Saad sprinting at least 10 times by watching on TV. Yet he doesn’t feature here.

Not sure about these.


Footy is shear hard work, work rate is king and always has been.

Second is structure, no good having good rate, if your not running to the right spots.

Skills of course play a big part but if you don’t have the work rate and structure then skills don’t matter. You will lose anyway.

Looks like we certainly lack work rate, scratch that’s it abysmal.

Defensive Structures have improved compared to last year.
Attacking structures are far to one dimensional.

Our attacking structures lead to turn overs far to often, as we take to much on under pressure. We need to present not only in the corridor but everywhere.

But our players aren’t fit enough, and don’t work hard enough to do any of it.

Really, really want to know how accurate that data is.

We have miles of x factor, spped and exiting players. As many as any team in the comp. But that is mute if the important parts aren’t taken care of first.


I think work rate and structure has been acceptable. Forward structure probably not up to scratch.

Main issue for me has been disposal, 158 inside 50’s for 27 goals in 3 weeks. Disposal efficiency at <70% in 2 of those games. Kick to handball ratio has also dropped to 1.36 over the 3 games which manipulates and boosts the percentage by handballing more. What we do with the ball and skills are pathetic.


Run above 24km/h for more than a second.

Its weird how accurate these stats may be. As mentioned earlier - Higher numbers seem to be recorded at Marvel - hence why Saints are on top of the sprint table above.

Maybe people are faster under a closed roof??

Maybe they need to run faster in more intervals to suit the ground??

The numbers seem to be consistent as a for and against comparison between teams on any given day - regardless of the amount of sprints we may have seen player X do.

Its still concerning and a possible reflection of whether we are sprinting to man the mark, pressure a kick, get on the lead, chase a lead, get to the next contest, get to the interchange before the next play etc etc. Whether we like it or not sprinting is a huge part of the game and by the numbers we’re just not doing it.


Essendon players - 275.70 kms

Fremantle players - 280.10 kms

Seriously concerning that we are losing this every week.

No chance of being a good team if it continues week in week out


More concerning is how slow (or unwilling) we are to run and spread from a contest/turnover.


Across 22 players, that breaks down to about 200m less per player. So, each player effectively ran one less length of the ground (and a little bit more) across 120 odd minutes of footy.

So, the difference is really sweet FA.


Saving ourselves for finals. Smart.


I’ve read that it’s more common that the losing team runs more Kms during the game. Woosha has mentioned it too.


it’s like any stats, out of context they can paint whatever picture you want.

Tackles seem to be alot of peoples indication of a team being on and having effort, yet you can look at games that a team is well ahead of and their tackle rate is down compared to their opposition or previous weeks etc.

I guess where it would be a worry is if the players who role it is to do the sprints aren’t doing it.

no good having hooker do 20 sprints a game, what’s that gonna achieve other than a chuckle at the poor bastards ■■■■■■ hammy style running.


I can see that making sense except our I don’t think we’ve ran further in any of our losses