Essendon’s Ten Best Hangers - (nothing to do with Dodoro's jackets)

Essendon are showing their ten best bomber hangers.

10 to 7

6 to 4







24 pm

12 pm
09 pm

I don’t remember that kickett one. Incredible. Dare I say it, almost as good at Moorcroft’s

I notice they had the AFL top 10 for this year on the AFL website the other day. ■■■■■■ if I know why that Howe mark is rated so highly.
Seriously I don’t think it’s that special. Apart from Daniher’s, I reckon there are others in the top 10 that are better

Interested to see the top 3. Obviously, Moorcroft will be in there, but that only leaves two and I would have thought there would also be a John Coleman mark. There was a mark Lloydy took against 3 Sydney players on the day he kicked 13 goals at the MCG that should be in too. What about Van Der Haar?

Who decides these things?

I thought it was funny in the Somerville clip when Bruce said something like “they’ll remember this one for a hundred years!”. I already forgot it…


LOL. Joey takes “the” hanger and Bruce Macavaney says " Jeremy Howe is nervous".
Not at all, judging by the reaction on Brownlow night, Jeremy Howe thought he had it the bag.



Terry Daniher took a horizontal mark 10 cm off the ground at Windy Hill one day. Deserves a mention.


l remember the SMadden mark. It should have won mark of the year in 1879, even Jeff Raines said so in his acceptance speech, when he got the nod that year. Big men weren’t supposed to get up that high, not back then. Simon got the ride perfectly, be went up, then went up again as he got the ride. It was a thing of beauty to watch.


Except that’s not a ‘hanger’.

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If Van Der Haar doesn’t get a top ten I’m going to, in the parlance of the time, rip someone’s Coleman off.


Damian Hardwick took an absolute screamer against Fitzroy (I think?) early on in his career.

The game was at Princess Park, so wasn’t televised. I think there was some grainy video of it from some news camera, but a photographer did capture it well. I can’t seem to find it though.

Would have won mark of the year if the game was televised.

Didn’t Long have a similar story?
I’m a bit fuzzy, because it seems odd to me that any games wouldn’t be televised in his career…

Would have been 94/95. Still only token replays for day games back then, although it was rare to be no footage at all.

Can’t remember the Long one.

I also reckon Kyle Hardingham took at least one that maybe could have snuck in here.

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Matt Lloyd’s screamer against Melbourne will be in there .


Who votes on these, the public or a committee of expert? - signed Jeremy Howe.


Third - ???

Second - Lloyd vs Melb

First- Moorcroft vs Dogs

Geez you’re old


Green did too this year

JD has a couple of rippers last year too. One against the saints’and one against norf I think that stand out

MJ against the tigers in the goal square, can’t remember when exactly, punt road end.

Glen Manton in the reserves against fark Carlton - doesn’t count does it?

There should be an honourable mention for Charles “Commotion” Pearson.

After all, he was the Essendon player who invented the high mark.

It was reported by the Argus (1886) “Mr Pearson … gave spectators many thrilling moments with his phenomenal leaps skyward. What a thrill the game would become as a spectacle if all players tried out this new idea.”


Ex-teammate of yours, Albert?