Essendon V Gold Coast Post Match Thread




Sack the board. Bring back Sheedy.

Time to dump Stanton, Hocking etc, etc

We don’t lose on the road under hird, bring back hird



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Young blokes looked good early on, pretty happy with that..THought they would dominate us.


Liked Gleeson, never fumbled and hits targets.


Play Hardy forward so he cant cost us goals haha


Zach Merrett is a great tackler

This is FARKIN bullshit

We were clearly the better team. Fk the result! they played Ablett every minute of the game, we rest Watson, Goddard, Chapman, Winderlich, Fletcher so on so forth.

Wait for round 1 vs North. This team is ready to smash c

Carn the Dons!

Fumble, wet ball, zzz.

Who cares.

They had a near Full strength best 22.

I’m stoked we lost by a point without 3 key players. Saw Zaka rack up 43 touches and Daniher snag 2 bangers…

I'd tear up my membership if I had one.


On a serious note


- Really liked what I saw in the first half from Z Merrett and Gleeson

- Our forward line looked 10x better than last year and that's without Chappy and Licha

- For a midfield made out of our second stringers it looked farking impressive

- Whoever said Thurlow reminded them of Hille is spot on. Looked like Hille was back out there playing for us

- Browne getting injured farking sucks

- JOE!!!!!

Ashby, Thurlow and Z Merrett all look like they could have an impact at senior level this year. Ashby reminds me of Enright a bit.

actually, I saw a lot to be really happy about. We could not get a clearance without all our good clearance mids, kids looked good.


I think I have seen enough of a few of the fringe players though.

Zach Merrett will be a gun

Thurlow a great pick up

so many of our top players to come back

Thurlow. Big ■■■■■■■. I like.

Would rather watch Perth Glory.