Essendon V Gold Coast Post Match Thread

Leroy just ok.  Dell too slow for seniors.

I’m not diss appointed as was a good hit out. We moved the ball great in the first half. Not so good second I think due to younger guys running out of legs. Gold Coast played better second half too should have won as they had almost a full strength team in.

Jack Martin. Don’t rate.

wow, a televised practice match sure has stirred the emotions....


Plus side Zaharakis looks primed for a big year

Plenty of promise from Zach Merrett, Gleeson and Ashby


As mentioned in the other thread, we got very little from our small forwards, but hey ..its February

Not disappointed with tonight's result. One of the youngest sides I've watched and they held there own against what was close to the Suns best 22.

Game not worth anything,but a typical and predictable shocking ending,especially since NOBODY had the fortitude(brain power) to stick next to the ONLY one capable of shafting us the last few minutes,farking stupid !!!

Good game for our youngsters to experience.

As with previous seasons, got lazy with our disposal into the forward line in the 2nd half.

Plenty to like about our 22-30 range coverage.

Very promising all things considered.

Its great that everybody knows they are practice matches now. One point loss, meh!

A few of our second string mids will be under enormous pressure once the kids fill out. Midfield depth!

On a serious note
- Really liked what I saw in the first half from Z Merrett and Gleeson
- Our forward line looked 10x better than last year and that's without Chappy and Licha
- For a midfield made out of our second stringers it looked farking impressive
- Whoever said Thurlow reminded them of Hille is spot on. Looked like Hille was back out there playing for us
- Browne getting injured farking sucks
- JOE!!!!!

I'm assuming you mean Hille circa 2008 when he could still jump.

Is there any type of update on Browne?

I know which team will be playing finals!

Based on tonite, looks like the on-ballers and defenders are going to have to have another massive start to the
season just like in 2013,'cos there is still bugger all up forward in terms of defensive pressure and crumbing

Fark the result I’m just dissapointed Browne is injured.

First post of the year

Sky falling. …melt down…season over…sack Knights. …loud noises etc etc


Never good to lose a close one when leading the whole game is a practice match.

That said I won’t be losing any sleep tonight

Saw enough positives outta tonight to make me happy. Even more happy when you look at the guys missing from the team.

Pleased with Gleeson, Merret Z & J, Ashby out of the youngsters
Thurlow, what a find!
KAV pretty decent too
Steinberg couldnt get a clear mark because everytime carlise and daniher would crash the pack

I miss froggy

Is there any type of update on Browne?

Doesn't look great but the coverage was pathetic in terms of seeking an update. Had a serious looking brace on but I remember crameri wearing a similar one after Daniel Merrett landed on him in a tackle. I'm not holding my breath though.

Glad Hibberd got his shocker out the way in the preseason 1st game.

Hardy simply can’t play ones. That was lamentable. Rather Ashby fail than Kyle.

Our structures looked good for the majority of the night.


Despite a fair chunk of our clearance mids out we managed to cramp and push back GC for 90% of the night.


I thought the game generally was played on our terms.


They played Ablett. Thats cheating really. And they only won with a second to spare.