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Can one of you create a new heading for the VFLW comments - it will split the comments between AFL, VFL and VFLW games / teams.

Current setup: Football Discussion / Essendon VFL

Please create new sub folder i.e.

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Just how many VFLW threads should we be expecting?

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As there’s so much info coming out of the club I’d say 12 should do it.


We definitely have a team, didn’t forgot to submit the paperwork on time or anything like that?


Lol, … no, … we’re good.

(I’m pretty sure anyway ,… :smirk: )

In 2019 the club might release the team list. Then we can jump on board.


team is still being finalised… Jumper presentations are soon, which should mean a team list can be released.

May 5th is our first game against Hawthorn. I’ll give us much details as I can as they come to hand.


May 6th* is our first game against Hawthorn. 1pm. Windy Hill.

Sorry, your right Matt. *weekend of May 5th. Which is the opening weekend of the VFLW

Hoping for Hird #5 and Long #13. Make it so.

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And in side news, today’s practice match at Windy Hill was quietly announced as moved late last night. Moved to The Hangar at 2:30. Hopefully we told our opponents too.

(VFL site still has it at Windy Hill.)


Club has been soooo organised lately, … :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Perhaps we’re so very good that they wanna keep the team under wraps till round one …

P.S. We went from a 6 goals to 2 lead to lose by four points. Not a great day for Essendon VFL teams getting the early break…

Just playing for the brand, as per the EFC website.



If Hanna Mounsey can’t play in the VFL, they sure as hell won’t let our blokes in the AFL play VFL.