VFLW practice match vs Willy @ Willy, 11:30am Saturday 14 April 2018

We don’t know who’s playing, what their numbers are, or really anything much.


Would love to know if Hirdy and Longy are playing, wish them well

What number is Hird wearing

It’s gotta be … doesn’t it??


The only place with info less than five weeks old is the Twitter account, which provides a link to essendonfc.com.au/team/aflw. Seriously. And no, if you replace that last bit with vflw it still fails, because it should also be “teams”, plural.

It’s like they want this to fail.

Please kick someone, @Catherine_Lio

P.S. Ha, they updated the VFL men’s list of players and stats . Yay! Pity that if you scroll down the page you find the profiles are all from last year, including for players since departed…


From a club who gives a ■■■■, here is the Willy team.

FB: Brodie Stevens, Jedda Heard, Maddison James
CHB: Shae-Lee Murphy, Sally Seabrook, Jacinta Reid
C: Isabelle Porter, Sarah Chapman, Ashlea Melnikas
HF: Morgan Lowe, Chloe Portelli, Kayla Koropeckyj
FF: Caitlyn Balshaw, Georgia Harris, Amanda Walsh
R: Rachel Achampong, Jessica Kile, Lauren Suleiman
INT: Andrea Cameron, Anna Saxton, Erin Meade, Rachael Jackson, Jessica Bartolo, Hannah Fosbrooke, Jamilla Cranny

They beat Footscray 54-4 last week.


Is there a a VFLW team list?


Why do you think I’m ranting?

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I thought Hirdy’s daughter was playing. Or is she too young?

Steph would be about 19 or 20 (I think)

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She should and likely will be, … but that there is the Williamstown team DJ posted ,… :wink:

We don’t even know if she made it on to the team list.

Honestly, can’t see a tennis player being ready in 1 preseason…

Rain has stopped. Northerly wind somewhat favours the grandstand end.

Wind is ridiculous.

0-2, yet to reach our end.

Yet to find a list.

No Long or Hird.

They have the wind advantage.

A fifty metre penalty (plus ten sideways to get them out of the pocket) gives them a goal. Then they clear the middle and bomb long with huge wind to goal again.


Quarter ended at 15:11.

We have ten on the bench and they’re very loud.

May retire to the grandstand, this is ridiculous. The bench I’m behind right now is humming due to the wind.


I assume the mentioned Wallace is #37, is brutal.

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All our end but no score.