Essendon Vs Carlton (Kings B’day

A mate of mine and I didn’t attend because of the disruption. The crowd for this game last year would have been even larger if not for the transport issues.

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FC supporters were absolutely feral that night. Was enjoyable but god they’re an awful bunch. Whinging, moaning, god it shat me.

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They will play on each other, swap jumpers with each other at half time in the sheds just for the lols.

Will there be bobble heads?


So incorporating linuses theorem of dynamic deviation of negative porridgeum to a custard barnacle scratcher, this ultimately proves that Adam Saad farked Carlton.

Happy with that answer.

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Breaking news.

Today, in what police described as Fark Carlton. The cafe strip of Lyon Street has been reported to have numerous persons wearing tattered navy blue attire, curled up in the foetal position, banging their heads against the pavement while whimpering “this was our bloody year.”

Police believe mass hysteria and foul play to be the cause… Extremely foul play.

Motorists are advised to avoid the area.

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