Essendon vs Coburg Lions - somewhere, and sometime before 2024

Essendon round 22 VFL team

B A. Lord (28) S. Weideman (10) C. McBride (41)
HB J. Fitzgerald (77) L. Hayes (18) R. Montgomerie (38)
C J. Moorhead (75) B. Cootee (57) T. Phillips (55)
HF W. Snelling (11) P. Voss (39) M. Hallows (72)
F A. McDonald-Tipungwuti (43) J. Jorgensen (56) J. Stewart (17)
R N. Bryan (24) W. Setterfield (12) A. Davey Jnr (33)
INT S. McKay (80) K. Baldwin (26) C. McCarty (79)
W. Madden (66) C. Egan (52)
23rd Player C. Egan (52)
INS J. Stewart S. Weideman N. Bryan
C. Egan S. McKay W. Snelling
A. Davey
OUTS H. Reid T. Wanganeen A. Munkara
B. Laguda M. Kiraly J. Hotchkin
J. Brown

Thanks AFL for enabling us supporters to attend and/or watch both teams play, so considerate and thoughtful, im sure players appreciate it to, hopefuly nanna walking her poodle happens to stumble accross and sends a cheerio to the boys, give them a lift


James Stewart is back good news.


And it’s the last VFL game for the season. Sigh…

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Yep, bulltish. AFL needs to drop the social engineering and focus on , i dunno, let me think … say football, you know, keeping fans happy from a football perspective. Sorry there i go again.


What time is the game?

No Munk?

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405 fellow Ant

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Lol, Fark Carlton had 11 goals kicked on them in a quarter and are going to drop out of finals in the last round of the year :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


That’s a shame.

88 behind early in the third quarter.

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P.S. Just in case anyone is thinking of attending, this Essendon home game versus Coburg is being played at Willy.

(No rain, wind a bit over 25kph to the City-end goals.)

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Suns now lead by 119 points, approaching three-quarter-time.

They’re about to break the VFL app graph (turns out 40 points on that graph = 120 points in reality).


The VFL competition is simply pathetic.

The AFL is slowly killing the VFL a slow a painful death.

  • Every few weeks is a bye
  • AFL reserves teams playing the same time as the AFL side
  • Having interstate teams in the competition
  • Ridiculous age restrictions on VFL list
  • Only a handful of stand alone clubs

Let’s forget the fact this competition is nearly 150 years old.


Why are Gold Coast so dominant in the VFL and ■■■■ in the AFL?

Richmond or GWS need to win to kick FCFC fully out of the finals.

GWS trail the Cats 35-53 at half-time, and need to win by ~300 points to catch up on percentage.

Tiggers (11th) play Norf (10th) tomorrow, and will need to win by ~100 points. They were 20% behind before today, but FCFC are down 11% so far.

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I’m so desperate to see Carlton lose, I’m getting my jollies their VFL side is being murdered.



Booooooo… the VFL app resets once the lead exceeds 120 points.

The AFL code monkeys always do things the most complex (and wrong) way.

Come on Gold Coast… you’re still 57 points short of 200.

how dumb are they